Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 11/5/08

Cover of the Week: JSA #20

While I am not a big fan of Alex Ross interior artwork but their is no denying that Ross is one of the best cover artist in the business and this cover for JSA #20 proves it.

Final Crisis: Resist Highlights

Even with Darkseid taking over the world and the heores forced to go into hiding at least Snapper Carr was able to find one bright moment by banging Cheetah.

Finally after being stuck in a cave the whole issue Mr. Terrific and what remains of Checkmate and the OMACs finally decide to do something other than talk

Iron Man: The End Highlights

See this is why Batman has three different Robins to make choosing his successor a much simpler task.

Even though it took a while Tony was finally able to pass down the Iron Man mantle and he can move on to the rest of his life outside of Iron Man, at least in this alternate world.

Terror Titans #2 Highlights

Right now Ravager is the most interesting Titan out of all the three Titan books being published right now. And this spread only shows why McKeever needs to put Ravager back in the main Teen Titans book.

At least DC remembers that these characters exist but the appearance of all the these teen heroes was just space filler. The issue might have been a better read if McKeever choose to give some time to develop these underutilized characters. Oh well!

Ultimatum #1 Highlights

The Day After Tomorrow meets the Ultimate Universe.

Out of Hanks three different hero costumes/identities his Yellow Jacket identity is still the best and hopefully, if he survives this event, he keeps wearing this costume instead of the Ant-Man one.

At least we don’t have to wait two or three issues for the heroes to team up and Loeb quickly got all the heroes fighting on the same side.

Shouldn’t we all have a throne to sit on, and Thor’s hammer, when we get home.

X-Men/Spider-Man #1

Ah, the memories of the original X-Men.

There was no love triangle better than this one, seriously what guy wouldn’t want a hot blond and redhead as your love interest.

We must all beware Kraven’s nipples of doom.
I was not expecting this ending and I wonder what devious plot Mr. Sinister has planned involving Kraven in the next issue.