Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 10/15/08

Since I changed the format of my comic reviews to only be a quick review of the comics I get that week with the cover of the issue next to the review I have decided to create a seperate post that will include the highlight of the week that I used to include in my individual reviews. This new post will include what I think is the best cover of the week, which may be from a comic that I am reading or from a comic that I am not reading, and also some of the more impressive pages from the comics that I am reading that deserve a mention. Included with the image will be a short summary of what I thought made the image a highlight of the week. Enough talking here is the “Legen–wait for it–dary Comic Book Highlights for 10/15/08:”

Cover of the Week
Trinity #20
Even though I have not been reading Trinity I have to say that DC has put some of their best cover artist to draw the covers for this title. This is a great cover by Carlos Pacheco an Jesus Merino that shows how many people view Superman. Statues generally only for gods and people who are viewed larger than life and Superman definetely fits the bill for someone that is viewed as larger than life by those in the DCU and fans.
Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #3 Highlights

After all the crap the Rogues have been dealing with for being responsible for killing Bart Allen it is nice to see them get revenge on the person that caused them all their misery: Inertia/Kid Zoom. And I am actually glad that Inertia, or Kid Zoom, died in this issue since I always found him annoying and the only other character I find more annoying than Inertia is Superboy-Prime.I like this page because I am glad that finally someone calls out Libra on his BS. Also by turning down Libra’s offer the Rogues have a little moment were you can call them badass for turning down the big bad of Final Crisis. And as in the next image shows the Rogues may not have time to follow Libra since they have to prepare to fight…Barry Allen has returned! I know that Barry made his official return back in Final Crisis but it is just awsome seeing a page spread of Barry racing towards something. And while I have grown up with Wally being my Flash I am excited to see what Geoff Johns has in store for us in Flash: Rebirth. If Flash: Rebirth is anything like Green Lantern: Rebirth than we are in store for one great mini-series involving the return of Barry Allen. The only problem that I have with Flash: Rebirth is that it means that the Flash title may be relaunch into a new issue #1 that both DC and Marvel are known to do to raise sales.Ultimate Origins #5 HighlightsEven though we already seen this image back in the early issues of Ultimate X-Men it is still a great image showing how Prof. X became wheel chair-bound. And given the reason Bendis gave Magneto for crippling his best friend I don’t blame him. No one wants to be forced to have to believe what other people tell them to believe. And this just shows that Prof. X and Magneto are more similar than either man wants to admit After being betrayed by his best friend and with the recent deaths of both his children it is more understandable why Magneto would seek revenge on everyone in the Ultimate Universe. And I got to admit while this and issue #3 were the only good issues in this mini-series I am excited to read Ultimatum next month, even if Loeb is the one writing the event.