Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 6/24/09

Alright I decided to move up the highlights of the week to come out a bit earlier. So now I’ll be posting the highlights of the week on either Friday or Monday after the release of new comics.

Just to start things off this weeks Highlights of the Week were else to start but pay homage to the greatest music video ever:

Whatever Michael Jackson may have done in his personal life, like Elvis Priestly, he will always be one of the best musical performers that we have had. Anyways, on to this weeks Comic Book Highlights of the Week.

Cover of the Week: Avengers/Invaders #12

Just like last weeks cover of the week Alex Ross always provides some awesome covers and this cover for Avengers/Invaders #12 was just another poster worthy cover.

Amazing Spider-Man #598 Highlights

This scene just cracked me up with what Spider-Man made Bullseye say.

Man, can’t Norman just keep it in his pants. I wonder if Harry will tell his baby brother that he banged his half brother’s mom.

Wow!! That is pretty hardcore for Spider-Man.

“Harry Osborn, Suit Up!” –Barney Stinson

Daredevil #119 Highlights

Why do ex’s always feel like they have to mess with your life even in death.

Matt really needs to grow a pair and finally show some backbone.

Why do I get a bad feeling that this story won’t end well for Dakota? I really liked her as a character but just like any woman that gets close to Matt she may become another victim of “Women in the Refrigerator” syndrome.

Green Lantern #42 Highlights

Hal finally stops with all the self-doubt and builds his own Green Lantern Corps.

Never sleep with the enemy John. Well unless they are as hot, or hotter, as Fatality then it is okay.

Is Hal one step closer to becoming a White Lantern? Hmmmmm!

I just thought this pic was much better rotated this way. Great spread.

Wonder how the Blue Lanterns will feel after finding out they were sold out by the Green Lantern Corps Guardians.

Let the Zombies rise.

Guardians of the Galaxy #15 Highlights

This is one of the first times since War of Kings #1 that I have seen Black Bolt show any emotion.

Easily the moment of the week. Cosmo is awesome.

Only Rocket Raccoon can go from kicking ass to crying and still be awesome.

Nova #26 Highlights

It’s great to see Richard Rider back as Nova Prime. Everything is right with the universe now. Oh wait, War of Kings is ripping the universe apart. My bad. At least Richard is back as Nova.

Hey if I was Ko-Rel I would be complaining about dying because Richard couldn’t keep his woman in line.

I guess Robbie doesn’t need big bro’s help. Or does he?

Teen Titans #72 Highlights

“Must not give into temptation” –Jaime

Who knew Aquagirl was so kinky. My kind of woman.

No better way to learn the teenage way of life than playing some DDR.

The return of the Fearsome Five. This story arc does look like it has a lot of potential.

Wolverine: Weapon X #3 Highlights

Wolverine is the king of the Columbian jungle.

Man the Strikeforce X members do not mess around. The guy Wolverine captured ripped out his own eye just so that Wolverine wouldn’t be able to track him. Hardcore!

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  1. Whenever I am sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story.

    For quoting Barney Stinson, I shall forever love you.

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