Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 4/22/09

Cover of the Week: Thor 601 (Djurdjevic Variant)

So what does a God listen to on his IPod?

Amazing Spider-Man #592 Highlights

Ah, don’t you just love these nice father and son moments.
Spider-Man had to ruin such a tender moment.
Spider-Man really knows how to get under the new mayor’s skin by making headlines of The DB and Frontline newspapers.
Our first look at the new Vulture. Still don’t know what to think of this new version since it only appeared in one page.Warning the following image may cause temporary blindness. You’ve been warned!
Not again! My eyes, it burns.Detective Comics #853
This weeks finale part to “What Happened to the Cape Crusader?” was filled with a ton of great images and I especially like how this one shows that as shown in The Dark Knight Returns that with Batman gone Joker stops being insane and returns to how he used to be before becoming Joker or Red Hood.
It was cool to see that out of all the Robins it was Dick Grayson’s version Robin that was given time to tell his story of how Batman fell.
I like that it had been Bruce’s mom, or someone who has taken her form that was with him this whole time watching his funeral and the different versions of his death.
With a heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Superman if their is a way for those iconic characters to go is go out fighting to save others lives.
See the next image.
These three page were flat out some of my favorite images in the past year. I love that how it kind of literally gives Bruce a storybook ending.
And so it begins again!Daredevil #118 Highlights Gotta love Master Izo as he lectures Matt on the roof top while also throwing back a few drinks.
Even in death passed girlfriends, or in Wilson’s case wife, will find a way to haunt you. It’s their gift.
Talk about not seeing this coming. But I have to say with all the crap that is going on in his life sometimes enough is enough and Matt should at least have one friend in his life. Right?
For the first time ever, I am actually interested to see what The Owl does. Will he join The Hand and “betray” Kingpin or will the Hand kill him or something else?Guardians of the Galaxy #13 I say every team book story arc should start with a barroom brawl. Maybe then all the team books (specifically JLA and New Avengers) can be at least 1/3 as fun as Gurdians of the Galaxy.
This scene just cracks me up. I love how Rocket Raccon just calls dibs on all of the teams heavy hitters and then proceeds to tell Star-Lord not to ruin their nice moment.
See this is why teams should never have more than one psychic on their team. Damn telepathic inside jokes.
Black Bolt’s “go f*** yourself” look at Star-Lord’s request for this war to end is priceless