Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 3/18/09

Cover of the Week: Spider-Man: Noir #4

It may be because I personally only like drawing black and white drawings, but still this is a fantastic cover for a series that I look forward to getting in TPB.

Amazing Spider-Man #588 Highlights

I guess the cops now know not to mess with any of Menace’s friends.

Yet another bromance!

Does this lead towards what we saw in the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #598?

Ultimatum #3 Highlights
How is that Wolverine with his adamantium claws is not able to cut the Blob but somehow Pym is able to bite his head off? Oh wait! This is a Jeph Loeb book so of course it doesn’t follow what was previously established.

Add Nightcrawler to the list of senseless death that leaves no impact on the reader what so ever.

So why is it that all of the Madrox clones have to jump on Pym to kill him? Wouldn’t it only take one or two and the rest blow up SHIELD and the other heroes? Oh Loeb you are such a wise man.

All I can expect about the next issue is to give it another rating of Loeb-it.

Wolverine #71 Highlights

It’s interesting that the Venom T-Rex has the Anti-Venom suit instead of the regular black Venom suit.

Whether as the king of the Kree Empire or one of Emma Frost soldiers Black Bolt is still a badass.

I am glad Millar has Logan actually find happiness in the life he has built with his wife and kids instead of complaining about what happened in the past, which is what other writers would have had him do.
Meet Emma Frost husband: Doctor Doom!

Pym Falls is both creepy and awesome at the same time.

See now that is a cool statue and befitting the Red Skull.

I hope Hawkeye isn’t dead and used the supersoldier syrum on himself before handing over the case full of them. I think that would be an awesome twist.