Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 10/7/09

Cover of the Week: X-Babies #1

This is another Skottie Young cover that he knocks out of the park. This cover makes me wish I got this issue. Really like the chibi look of all of the characters.

Batman and Robin #5 Highlights

What happened to being able to fight blindfolded Damian? See this is why Robin should always listen to Batman.

So Jason finally decides to stop dye his hair. Somehow it makes him even less interesting than he was before which isn’t saying much now.

Got to admit Flamingo is a cool new villain Morrison has created.

Batman Annual #27 Highlights

Good to see that Dick’s gymnastic background has not been forgotten. Damian can learn a thing or two.

Love the Little Gotham back-up. The spread by Dustin Nguyen is just awesome.

This is not something you want to wake up to.

Nice extra to for this annual. Gives us some more information of the new Batmobile.

Daredevil #501 Highlights

This is one of the best single pages I have seen. Just an awesome job by Robert De La Torre.

Interesting approach Wilson Fisk is taking to get back on top of the crime world. Hopefully his rise to being the Kingpin of Crime comes sooner than later.

Nice comparison to Batman. Definitely felt as though Andy Diggle was channeling his inner Frank Miller in this scene.

The punch heard around the world.

All hail Daredevil.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

Ah, got to love the drama that comes with every high school relationship.

Giant spiders attacking the city. This would be the final straw for me and I would move out of the city with all the crazy stuff that happens in NYC every day.

Funny way to find out the spiders aren’t real.