Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 12/3/08

Cover Of The Week: Amazing Spider-Man #579 (Villain Variant)

Nice variant cover of one of Spider-Man’s more underused Rogues.

Amazing Spider-Man #579 Highlights

Even though we have seen Spider-Man in a disaster setting hundreds of times before Waid did a nice job making this story feel fresh. Plus it doesn’t hurt having a Jameson, in this case Sr., part of this story.

And you thought you had rat problems.

Batman #682 Highlights

Even in Medieval times Batman and Joker are fighting one another.

Batman has a few problems with his partner(s).

This is were Morrison can either erase everything he has done in his Batman run, which would suck, or make it into one of the best twist to Batman.

Terror Titans #3 Highlights

There is no love lost between these two former Titans.

Static Shock finally makes his appearance in the DCU which should please many Titan fans who have been asking for this for years.