Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 3/4/09

Cover of the Week: The New Avengers: The Reunion #1

In a week were there wasn’t really a stand out cover this cover for New Avengers: The Reunion #1 was the best out of the week. While I do not like Clint in the Ronin costume and would rather see him return to his Hawkeye costume I do like Mockingbird’s new costume much better than her old one.

Daredevil #116 Highlights

This was just an amazing image by David Aja.

With all the evil stuff Wilson has done as Kingpin he is just one big softy that just wants to be happy with his own family. But……..

just like what has happened to Matt over the past few storylines Wilson’s past as Kingpin always comes back to haunt him and steal away the any shred of happiness he finds.

It will be a lot of fun to see how Wilson gets his revenge on Lady Bullseye and The Hand as he teams up with Matt to do it.

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? Highlights

Even though Guillem March’s artwork was awesome in the Vicki Vale segment of this issue this whole segment felt more like I was following someone working at the Daily Planet than the Gotham Gazette.

Terror Titans #6 Highlights

While nothing of note from this issue, other than it being the end of this average mini-series, it was cool seeing Static in action to show that when he joins the Teen Titans they will have some serious fire power.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Highlights

All you need to know about the first two issues that came out 3 years ago.

While pandas look cute they are some vicious animals as Wolverine learns in this panel.

1…2….3….4….5….6…..7…..8….9….10. KO! The Hulk wins?

And this is what we’ve all been waiting for: Ultimate She-Hulk.

War of Kings #1 Highlights

I never thought I would say this, but I feel bad for Ronin.

Black Bolt definetly knows how to pick a location of a wedding.

Coming this summer Wedding Crashers 2 starring Gladiator and the Guardsman.

Ronin shows how tough he is as it takes three Guardsman to bring him down.

The Shi’ar draw first blood in the war but now they have a pissed off Black Bolt and Medusa to deal with. Vulcan is not to smart.

X-Men and Spider-Man #4 Highlights

Who knew that Wolverine and Spider-Man and Wolverine were dating?

Ah the good old days.

Gotta love it whenever Nightcrawler uses his powers to fight the bad guy.

Just like any good hunter knows Xraven escapes the battle by combining Cyclops and Iceman’s powers to make his escape as he fights a losing battle.

Just some great artwork by Mario Alberti as he did through the whole series.

Just as Spider-Man says something cool Wolverine has to ruin his moment.