Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 3/11/09

I thought I would start this weeks Legen-wait for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week with a funny little clip from last nights The Big Bang Theory. Here is the clip of what happens when you try coffee for the first time:

Alright here are the Highlights for this past week.

Cover of the Week: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #4

My friend just let me read his copies of the past four issues and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a very fun story to read. I really like this cover of the Wizard’s emarald colored projection of his head as Dorthy watches him with fear.

Battle for the Cowl #1 Highlights

Knight and Squire would be awesome addition for the Red Robin title once Tim picks takes on the Red Robin costume.

Though I would rather see Two-Face play the role of leader to Batman’s Rogues Gallery I loved how we see Arkham Asylum burning in the background is just an awesome visual.

Though I wasn’t to impressed with the writing I still have to say Daniel provide plenty of gorgeous artwork for this issue. And this image of one of the Batman standing over Gotham City was one of my favorites of the issue.

As hard as he hits them Dick should know that those dummies wont hit back.

Hm, Tim fits into one of Bruce’s Batsuits? He must have borrowed some steroids from Alex Rodriguez. (Alright I am sorry for the lame joke.)

We were this close getting rid of the annoying Damien Wayne. RATS!!!

Batman presents Jason Todd in Shot ‘Em Up.

Green Lantern Corps #34 Highlights

Sodam takes out his bitch stick on his mom as he makes here apologize for killing his alien friend way back before he became a Green Lantern.

Do not mess with Mongul or else he will rip out your tongue!

The Rage of the Red Lanterns evades Green Lantern Corps.

Guardian of the Galaxy #11 Highlights

Even though this issue was the only issue of GOTG I have found to be boring though this image by Wes Craig was impressive.

I just love it when a dragon appears in comics, especially a dark dragon.

Invincible Iron Man #11 Highlights

I wish Fraction was allowed to call Pepper Iron Maiden like he wanted to instead of Iron Woman. (Damn copyrights!)

So why is Rhodey able to wear an Extremis-like War Machine suit while Fraction takes away Tony’s Extremis powers? I don’t get it.

Why is that I have a feeling we will only get a bunch of words being thrown by Tony and Namor instead of punches in the next issue?

Superman/Batman #56 Highlights

Batman: “I have the poweerrr!”

WrestleMania 25 Main Event: A superpowered Batman vs the JLA.

I kind of wish we got to see more of this fight since it would have been cool to see a superpowered Batman fight each member of the JLA before having the powers taken away.

And so ends the story of a superpowered Batman.