Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 1/14/09

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #583 (Variant Cover)

With the inauguration yesterday is there even a doubt that the Amazing Spider-Man #583 featuring President Barack Obama wouldn’t be the cover of the week. If there is one thing Marvel does better than DC is their marketing campaign for their major releases and Obama appearance in Amazing Spider-Man was marketed all of last week.

Final Crisis #6 Highlights

And here ladies and gentlemen is the ultimate deus ex machina: The Miracle Machine. There is no doubt we have not seen the last of the Miracle Machine. It will probably be used to move everyone to the new Earth and “fix” some problems DC has wanted to “fix” a long time ago.

Was an enjoyable chick fight. And I am glad we got finally got rid of this slutty Mary Marvel since she has been an annoying character for the past two years. Now let see how DC is going to rehabilitate Mary and the rest of the Marvel Family (I smell mini-series).

Yet again Wonder Woman is giving nothing to do while Superman and Batman are both given their time to shine. If DC really wants to make me believe that Wonder Woman really is part of the Trinity than they need to give her, her own moment to shine and save the universe like Superman and Batman have in almost every major DC event.

Lord Eye is a cool concept and I like that it is named after Maxwell Lord and Brother Eye. Though I question presenting this weapon this late in the game and giving all this power to Renee Montoya of all the characters in the DCU.

For all the build up of Libra being this great supervillain he went out like a little punk to Lex Luthor. Though we will probably see him appear somewhere in the next issue.

For characters that are named the Flash this plotline involving Barry and Wally has been one of the slowest moving plots in this series. And all we get here is two pages of them showing up.

Just like Libra, Darkseid went out like a little bitch. For being the ultimate bad guy all Darkseid has done/did for the six issues of Final Crisis is sit on his butt and do nothing but give the thumbs down.

This should have been more impact on the reader but Batman only other appearance on Final Crisis was in the first issue and a very short scene in issue two being placed in the machine he was hooked up to in Batman #682-683. Personally Morrison did a better job in Batman RIP showing Bruce Wayne’s demise, even though he didn’t die in that story but in here.

With only one issue left we are told that there is someone even worse than Darkseid. Great work Morrison (NOT!!).

The image everyone, well DCU fans anyways, are talking about.

Green Lantern Corps #32 Highlights

At least his/her parents can say that their kid had an exciting birth.

Typical, while the Green Lanterns are fighting for their lives the Guardians set in place a new law affective immediately.

Awkward! Hopefully Soranik isn’t another one of Kyle’s love interest that is killed by one of his villains and this plotline is given time to develop.

Predictably hundreds, if not thousands, of Green Lanterns give up their position rather than continue to follow the Guardians new law. With seven laws yet to be revealed I wonder how many more people will give up being Green Lanterns once the other laws are revealed.

“Mongul leader of the Sinestro Corps.” That is sure to go over well with all the other members.

Nightwing #152 Highlights

It was nice to see the original Batman costume along with all the other costume Bruce has worn in his career as Batman.

Nightwing kicked some serious League of Assassins ass in this issue. And also it was cool seeing Nightwing drive the origina Batcar.
No Ra’s Al Ghul appearance is complete without him having to talk to someone from the Batfamily around the Lazarus Pit.

Nightwing and Ra’s had one serious sword fight similar to the ones Bruce and Ra’s have had in the past. And it is great seeing Nightwing being able to go toe to toe with all of Batman’s villains and actually winning.

It seems more and more that Nightwing will become the new Batman. Ra’s has already given his approval to his “new” arch enemy.

X-Men/Spider-Man #3 Highlights

Sinestro and Carnage. This is certainly one team-up that I didn’t ever see happening, or think of.

Mario Alberth artwork continues to be one of the highlights of this mini-series and I hope we see more of his artwork in one of Marvel’s ongoing books.

Carnage has one weird appetite.

See not even Mr. Sinester can handle the train wreck that was the Clone Saga.