Legen–wait for it—dary Comic Book Highlight for 11/12/08 and 11/19/08

I wasn’t able to post the “Legen-wait for it-dary! Comic Book Highlights of the Week” for last week since these past few weeks I’ve been busy with some business projects. But thankfully I have finished and turned in all my projects and have already done 2 of my 3 presentations this week. So everything should return to normal for now and I only need to focus on my finals in a couple weeks.

But enough of that, since I didn’t post the highlights for last week and I only got one new comic this past week I have just combined the past two weeks of comic book highlights into one post.

Cover of the Week(s): Nightwing #150

This was definitely one of the best Nightwing covers since the start of this title. It just sucks that just as Tomasi was creating some great stories in Nightwing this title is going to be cancelled due to the fallout of “Batman RIP.” But oh well at least Nightwing is going to go out with a bang.

Avengers/Invaders #6 Highlights

For someone that is suppose to have Superman-level powers Sentry is always defeated easily by the villains. I can’t really remember if Setry has ever really had a credible victory against a hero or villain.

It has to suck to find out that while some of your friends are alive in the future that you are not only dead but also the exact time when you are going to die.

Green Lantern Corps #30 Highlights

It looks like the this Guardian, who is working for the Black Lanterns, is preparing Ion to come to her side once she betrays the Green Lanterns.

The truth hurts but for the Guardians they hate to hear the any criticism to how they want to govern things, as shown here.

With “The Blackest Night” looming I get the feeling that most if not all the Guardians are going to die during the event. And with this new law I think there is going to be even more decention between the Guardians and the Green Lanterns.

Nightwing #150 Highlights

After years of being in the hero business Dick body looks messed up.

With this and the first story it seems that Tomasi was brought on to Nightwing to get him closer to being Batman. Also I enjoyed this little scene between Dick and Barbara and I hope that after “Batman RIP” is over the Batfamily start interacting a lot more since they have all been spread out across the country and not as tight of nit group they should be.

Who knew Two-Face was a Star-Trek fan? I guess even the greatest villains are geeks on the inside too.

A great scene to remind the reader that Dick is the greatest acrobat in the DC Universe.

A nice entrance that leads into a brutal fight between Nightwing and Two-Face.

Wolverine #69 Highlights

These mole men redefine the meaning of “don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

This, and the dead body of Loki, scene show how much time has past in this world.

This is just some beautiful artwork by McNiven that gives Millar’s story the grandure it deserves.

Finally after only seeing short scenes of what happend in the past we are going to finally see what happend to Logan to be the way he is. Hopefully the next issue is not delayed.