Legen–wait for it–dary Comic Book Highlights for 10/22/08

Cover of the Week: Final Crisis #4

I have enjoyed Jones covers for Final Crisis and this cover for issue #4 is no different. It really gives an idea of what happens in the book with Darkseid holding the Anti-Life equation in his two fists. And even though I might have some problems with Jones interior artwork he is still one of the best cover artist DC has.

Captain America #43 Highlights

I got to give credit to Luke Ross for being able to mimic Epting’s style so this title can maintain a consistent title. It was also a smart move by Brubaker, as shown in this page, that this story take place after Secret Invasion crossover so he does not have to deal with tying in Captain America with Marvel’s big event.

Even though Bucky has been Captain America for over a month it is nice to see that he is still trying to get use to the idea of him being Captain America while still kicking some ass.

Daredevil #112 Highlight

I know that this Daredevil not Iron Fist title but it is just great seeing Brubaker writing Iron Fist again and showing why he is one of the top martial artist in the Marvel Universe by taking care of some of The Hand memebers

Final Crisis #4 Highlights
Even though he gets captured by a brainwashed Black Lightning in the next page it is nice to see Green Arrow shine for a little by sacrificing himself so everyone in the Hall of Justive has time to escape and is not followed.

After being dead for so long it looks like Barry still has lost the magical(lightning) touch.

Is it me or does Darkseid look a lot bit like Darth Vader when he got his helmit off in Episode VI.

Final Crisis: Submit Highlight

I am thinking that after Final Crisis Black Lightning should adopt some sort of cowl, ala Batman, because Black Lightning kind of looks badass with that helmit on

Ultimate Spider-Man #127 Highlights

It is nice to see Bendis hasn’t forgotten about the Daily Bugle because the scenes at the Daily Bugle have always been some of the more entertaining scenes in USM, and Spider-Man books in general.

Right when Peter thinks things can’t get any worse Gwenage is waiting for him in his room.