Legen…wait for it…dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/23/09

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Because of the holidays I haven’t been able to post much these past few days but I am working on putting together the reviews for this past week’s comics which hopefully I will have up later. Also even though I know that Blackest Night #6 will be coming out next week I am actually going to hold off on getting that issue until the following week. So because of that I wont be posting any reviews after next week. Instead I am going to writing up a couple post to make up for it. Also as a quick mention if you haven’t yet be sure to read my review for James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ movie up now over at the Revolution.

Cover of the Week: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #58

Skottie Young’s covers on Marvel Adventures Spider-Man are always awesome and this one in particular standouts to me this week, which truth be told didn’t have many standout covers. In any case I love the dark mood of the cover as Spider-Man is standing in front of a billboard of him saying “Wanted” as it is raining.

Amazing Spider-Man #616 Highlights

Spider-Man gives out some advice to the reader on how to take a beating while he gets the snot beaten out of him by all of the Sandmen.

Sandman has some serious self-esteem issues as he beats himself up and letting Spider-Man escape.

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? Highlights

When I think of Captain America I think of the star shield and the wings on his mask but that is just me.

Hey why mess with a costume that works.

See even Obama didn’t like Bush’s Superhuman Registration Act. Now the question is how are they going to sold the Norman Osborn crisis while also working on the health care stuff. I say bailouts just like how we have solve everything else.

Fantastic Four #574 Highlights

Spider-Man brought his clone to Franklin’s birthday party.

Ah, Johnny always having to trie and diss Spider-Man just cause people like him more even your nephew.

I always new our universe was created by some kid under his sheets.

Green Lantern #49 Highlights

I am guessing John Stewart has a military background. Just a guess. Though I still wonder what the point of making a sniper gun is for. The armor/military gear makes sense for protection but a sniper gun not so much.

Green Lantern Corps move out.

Guardians of the Galaxy #21 Highlights

Have I ever mentioned how awesome Drax is. Well these two pages sum that up.