Legen….wait for it…..dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 11/4/09

Cover of the Week: Deadpool Team-Up #899

Who doesn’t love a good keg party. This cover makes me wish I picked this issue up.

Assault on New Olympus #1

Know that Zeus has pointed out that Jocasta is naked how long until we get the first offended mother protesting about this being bad for her kid?

This is one of those times were its all about power not speed.

Reunited again and it feels so good, well unless you are buried under twenty cars like Spider-Man is in the background.

It”s team-up time.

Captain America: Reborn #4

Not many artist draw Dr. Doom better than Bryan Hitch. Just an awesome look.

Talk about your life passing you by.

You know this isn’t going to end well.

Wonder were this goes in the next issue?

Nova #31

Philo has become one of my new favorite cosmic characters. Loved how he showed up the new Nova Corps recruits.

Well that is one way to learn about the Brotherhood of Raptors.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4

Want to make your presence felt? Just jump on top of a car and crush it.

Looks like Johnny may regret his decision now that he has to do some chores.

Gotta love the drama of high school especially when it is Peter Parker.


Mysterio got his payback for Spider-Man making him look like a punk in the last issue.