The Legion of Super Heroes Animates Series: Episode #4: “Phantoms”

Well, it looks like we are finally getting a new episode of the Legion of Super Heroes. The CW pulled the unconventional move of airing the first three episodes of this new series and then following it with repeats of the same first three episodes. You would think we could get a little further into this season before the CW started serving up repeats to viewers.

At any rate, it is time liveblog this new episode of the Legion of Super Heroes. The episode starts with Clark visiting the Superman museum. Brainiac 5 is watching Clark at the museum. Saturn Girl comments that Clark has been spending a lot of time at the museum. Brainiac 5 comments that any facts about Superman’s origin were lost. That the museum just has myths and legends about Superman.

The museum closes, but before Clark leaves he spots a strange device. Clark picks it up and activates it. The device creates a portal to the Phantom Zone. Out of the portal come a super powered teenager and two monsters. The villain is named Drax. He says he is Superman’s worst nightmare. Drax demands to know where Superman is. Drax takes out Clark and then leaves the museum. Clark gets into his Superman costume and flies out of the museum, but Drax is nowhere to be found.

And cue the snappy theme song. And then go to commercial. You know, Barbie is such a ho. She now has her own “Hot Tub Party Bus.” Somebody needs to tell that slut that the 1970’s are over.

And we are back. The Legionnaires are investigating the museum. Brainiac 5 realizes that the device Superman activated is ancient and it opens a gateway to a Phantom Zone that was used as a prison.

We cut to Drax and his two “pets” walking around New Metropolis. Drax causes some havoc which attracts the attention of the Science Police. And this cues a massive brawl where Drax and his two “pets” kick some Science Police booty. The Legionnaires arrive on the scene. Drax and Superman lock horns. The other Legionnaires battle the two “pets.” Superman continues fighting Drax and Lightning Lad arrives on the scene to help out Superman. Meanwhile Timberwolf, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl take down the two creatures.

Superman then goes to rescue some innocent bystanders as Phantom Girl and Lightning Lad take on the fight with Drax. Phantom Girl struts her stuff with a couple of good moves. After saving the bystanders, Superman resumes his fight with Drax. Phantom Girl and Timber Wolf then finish beating down the creatures.

Suddenly, a voice in Drax’s head tells him to remember that he has always been evil and that he cannot fail “them.” The creatures let out an energy blast which takes down the legionnaires. Drax and the two creatures then fly off.

We shift back to Legion HQ. The Legionnaires are re-grouping and planning their next course of action. Brainiac 5 states that his tests have revealed that Drax is Superman’s genetic equal.

We cut to Drax. The voice in his head tells him to not forget why he exists and what they trained him for. The voice tells Drax to make them proud. Drax responds that before the day is done that Superman will be finished.

Cue commercials. We come back and see Drax and his creatures rampaging through New Metropolis. The Legionnaires are hot on their trail. One of the creatures enters the sewer system. Phantom Girl and Timborwolf follow it. Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad handle the second creature.

We see Timberwolf and Phantom Girl in the sewer system. They are bickering because Phantom Girl is acting like a princess. They then find the creature.

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl continue fighting the second creature. Saturn Girl mentions to Superman that it is odd that Drax is nowhere to be found. Superman then decides to go and check in on Brainiac 5 back at Legion HQ.

We shift back to Legion HQ. Drax demands that Brainiac 5 give him the Phantom Zone projector. Brainiac 5 whips out some green kryptonite, however, Drax says his parents made sure that green kryptonite wouldn’t work in him. Drax asks Brainiac 5 if Superman knows that Brainy has green Kryptonite. Drax asks Brainy what other secrets he is hiding. Brainy then transforms into super Gundam size and brawls with Drax. Drax then takes out Brainiac 5.

Superman arrives at Legion HQ and starts brawling with Drax. We then see Brainiac 5 contact Saturn Girl and informs her that Drax is at their HQ and that Superman needs their help. Saturn Girl orders all the Legionnaires to stop fighting the creatures and to return to the Legion HQ. We then shift back to Drax and Superman locked in a titanic battle that is causing massive damage to the Legion HQ. Superman asks Drax why he is doing this. Drax answers because he is evil and always will be. Brainiac 5 then throws Superman the Phantom Zone projector to use on Drax. Drax grabs Superman’s arms and points the Phantom Zone projector at the Legionnaires and fires it. The Legionnaires are then all transported to the Phantom Zone. Drax then says to Superman that it is now just the two of them. And cue commercials.

And we are back. Superman is in shock at what happened to his teammates. We then cut to the Legionnaires in the Phantom Zone. There are tons of different evil phantom villains all around them. Since they are phantoms, the Legionnaires can’t touch them to hurt them. Unfortunately, the phantoms can touch them. The only Legionnaire that can hit the phantoms is Phantom Girl. P.G. starts laying down a serious beat down on several of the phantoms. Unfortunately, there are too many for her to fight. Brainiac 5 then activates his shield to protect them while he figures a way to get out of the Phantom Zone.

We cut back to Superman armed with a bunch of Brainy’s weapons battling Drax. Drax makes a cryptic comment about if Superman knows all of Brainy’s secrets. Drax then tells Superman that he was born in the Phantom Zone and was made just like Superman only better.

We shift back to the Legionnaires in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac 5 believes he has creates a way to get back to their realm. But, for it to work, Phantom Girl needs to make them all “phantom” form. But, by doing this, Phantom Girl may get stuck in phantom form.

We cut back to Drax beating down Superman. Suddenly, a Phantom Zone portal appears and Drax gets sucked into it as the Legionnaires arrive back in the Legion HQ. And the good guys win.

We zip forward to Brainiac 5 repairing his lab. Superman tells Brainy that Drax took something in a black sphere (the green Kryptonite) with him when he got sucked back into the Phantom Zone. Brainy said it is no big deal and that he is glad to be rid of it. Superman tells Brainy that he is done with the museum. That he still has questions, but that life is more fun with a few mysteries. End of episode.

All right, this was another great episode. This was a nicely paced action packed episode. Plus, we got a little more insight into Phantom Girl’s character as this episode fleshed out her personality a bit more. I really dig Phantom Girl’s character. She reminds me of Summer Roberts from the O.C.

Drax wasn’t as cool of a villain as Alexis Luthor from the last episode, but he still was entertaining. It was nice to see the Phantom Zone make an appearance in this animated series. I’m glad to see the writers taking advantage of the rich and stories history of the Legion.

The Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series is a fun cartoon and is really doing the an excellent job capturing the essence of the Legion of Super Heroes. The show focuses on the main principal of the Legion: friendship.

I only have two very minor complaints. One, that I hope we see are more Legionnaires. I know that the powers that be want to keep the core roster small enough to manage, but the Legion has always been about a large cast of characters. It is time to start rotating different Legionnaires on to the show in addition to the core cast. The second is where in the world was Chuck? Bouncing Boy is the man! C’mon, no one is more entertaining that our rotund Legionnaire. He stole the first two episodes. I thought he was going to be part of the core group. The viewers demand the return of the great and immortal Bouncing Boy!