Legion of Super-Heroes Space Cruiser Diagrams Through The Years

Since we are not getting new comics each week we have decided that this is a great opportunity to take deep dives into various odd extras that can be found in old issues of the Legion of Super-Heroes. We already checked out the different diagrams of the Legion of Super-Heroes various headquarters. In this article, we are going to narrow our scope and check out the diagrams of the Legion’s star cruisers through their history.

The Legion’s star cruiser is not something that gets much attention. The fact that the Legionnaires all have flight rings has meant that writers have rarely focused on the spaceships used by the Legion. In fact, diagrams of the Legion’s star cruiser is pretty rare. I could only find two. But, the two that we have are fantastic!

6 Superboy & LSH 219 Spaceship (1976)
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First up is the diagram of the Legion’s star cruiser from Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #219 published in 1976. This star cruiser has a wonderful 1970s vibe to its design. What makes this diagram so brilliant is that it was not an extra page tacked on at the end of an issue. Nope. This diagram took place right in the middle of the story! I love it! It is fantastic that the creative team decided to give us a diagram during the story.

What I love the most about this diagram is the fact that one section of the star cruiser is labeled “Human needs.” Personally, I have a lot of needs. I am curious about what kind of “needs” they are referencing here. I’m thinking maybe an emergency supply of Haribo gummi bears. Or x-rated adult material. Take your pick.

The next diagram we get is one of the star cruisers that the Legion operated during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Below is an exterior shot of this star cruise from Legion of Super-Heroes #29 published in 1992.

11 Legion of Super-Heroes 029-Legion Spaceship (1992)
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We got a sweet diagram of this star cruiser in Whos Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes #6 published in 1988.

9.3 Whos Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 06 Starcruiser
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What is interesting in this diagram is the fact that the star cruiser has no offensive weapons. Instead, the Legionnaires themselves provide the offensive weapons. This is a pretty neat concept that makes sense. I also like that the cruiser is loaded with defensive shields of unusual strength. This is fitting given Brainiac 5’s legendary and seemingly impossible to destroy force shield from his force field belt.

Sadly, these are the only two diagrams ever done of the Legion’s star cruisers. It would have been cool if we had gotten several more over the years. At any rate, enjoy these diagrams until we return with another look at the unusual and entertaining extras that we have gotten during the course of the Legion of Super-Heroes’ history. Long Live the Legion!

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