Local Man #5 Review

Local Man #5 Advance Review

Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs have found deliver surprises with each issue. Whether with the character arcs or plot developments the story of Local Man has kept me engaged. In particular, the last issue of Local Man brought up a lot of Jack Xaver’s past as part of Third Gen into play in dramatic ways. Those developments led to Jack being forced to do something he can’t take back. We got a chance to see how that is followed up with an early look at Local Man #5. Find out how it turned out with our advance review of Local Man #5.


Writers & Artists: Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs

Colorists: Brad Simpson and Felipe Sobreiro


“Half dead and all out of F#%C2%A2K$ LOCAL MAN is left brutally beaten by a man he once considered a father. Now trapped in the 4th Gen Training Facility he’s stalked by the true killer of the Hodag and THIRD GEN isn’t coming to help him when he needs them most!

ON THE FLIP SIDE: Meet FOURTH GEN the grungiest group of GEN X superhero slackers in the world with dark ties to Image’s lost heroes: THE WILDC.A.T.S! WHAT?!?” – Image Comics


With Local Man #5 Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs close out the story of this series in dramatic fashion. The mix of action with the drama from the fallout of Jack Xaver’s decisions in the previous issue is felt throughout this issue. It all culminates in a way that brings all the things simmering for the last four issues to the surface for all the characters we’ve met so far in Local Man.

In facing off against the true killer behind the whole mystery in Local Man we see Jack Xaver pushed to face the reality of his world. Things aren’t simple in this superhero world. While there is a clear villain in this story arc things don’t end in the black and white ways Jack wanted. There is no going back to the days of Jack’s youth of being a superhero who can enjoy saving the day. That is no longer his reality as he deals with the truth of where all his decisions have led to.

Local Man #5 Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs Cover
Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs cover for Local Man #5. Credit: Image Comics

Having Jack face this reality through the people he was most connected to made the drama even more intriguing. This put a spotlight the idea of superheroism and how that can shape a person’s perspective. In turn that leads to when given a reality check of those close to you that it leaves you speechless. That is what happens with Jack.

All of that leads to also having a different perspective of everything we have learned about Third Gen up to this point. Seeley and Fleecs go from framing things through Jack’s perspective to who Third Gen really is. This spotlight was shined when the truth behind Camo Crusader was revealed. Now with Local Man #5 that spotlight grows even bigger so it is a truth that is unavoidable.

The ending of Local Man #5 delivers one last surprise that also changes how to view the rest of the series. How to view one of the major characters in Local Man. It comes as a genuine surprise as it is not the way you think this story would end.


Local Man #5 delivers an incredible ending to one of the must-have comic books of 2023. The payoff for all the building blocks placed by the first four issues cement the world Local Man exist in something you want to read more about. If you haven’t read Local Man yet do yourself a favor and pick up this comic book to experience it for yourself.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

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