Manga Revolution Podcast Ep. 33

Manga Revolution Podcast Ep. 33 – The Elusive Samurai Review

Welcome back to the Manga Revolution Podcast! This week Rokk and I review the first volume The Elusive Samurai, which collected the first seven chapters of the manga, by Yusei Matsui. Matsui previous work includes Neuro: Supernatural Detective and Assassination Classroom. The Elusive Samurai is set in the Kenmu Restoration period for Japan that lasted 3 years between 1333 to 1336.

Before getting into The Elusive Samurai review Rokk breaks down his thoughts on Chainsaw Man Chapter 98. Be warned that we dive into spoilers on how Chainsaw Man Part 2 begins along with giving thoughts on the future.

You can find the time stamp for all our discussions in this episode below:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:45 – Housekeeping

00:01:50 – Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 Non-Spoiler Review

00:07:10 – Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 Spoiler Review

00:14:40 – The Elusive Samurai’s Yusei Matsui Background

00:17:50 – The Elusive Samurai Historical Setting Discussion

00:22:30 – The Elusive Samurai Vol. 1 Story Overview

00:26:20 – The Elusive Samurai Vol. 1 Review

00:56:00 – Show Close

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