Manga Revolution Podcast Ep. 1: Marvel-Viz Media Partnership

Welcome to the debut of the Manga Revolution Podcast. As its name suggests this new podcast is all about manga. To start we are planning on publishing two episodes a month. One episode will cover all the mangas that were released that month. The second episode will be an in-depth discussion on a particular topic from specific story arcs that just wrapped up or an entire manga series.

For the debut episode of the Manga Revolution Podcast Kevin and Rokk start things off by breaking down Marvel and Viz Media to create new mangas based around Marvel’s popular characters. After breaking down that news they move on to talking about the manga chapters that were released in the month of April. This includes My Hero Academia Chapter 308 to Chapter 310, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 30 to Chapter 32, Spy x Family Chapter 44, Blue Box Chapter 1, and Candy Flurry Chapter 1.

Below are the time stamps for the episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:00:55 – Kevin and Rokk’s Manga Origin Stories

00:06:05 – Marvel and Viz Media Partnership

00:18:40 – My Hero Academia Chapter 308 to 310 Summary

00:27:00 – My Hero Academia Chapter 308 to 310 Discussion

00:47:57 – Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 30 to 32 Summary

00:50:51 – Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 30 to 32 Discussion

01:05:22 – Spy x Family Chapter 44 Summary

01:07:37 – Spy x Family Chapter 44 Discussion

01:22:31 – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Summary

01:27:35 – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Discussion

01:50:15 – Blue Box Chapter 1 Summary

01:52:47 – Blue Box Chapter 1 Discussion

02:03:30 – Candy Flurry Chapter 1 Summary

02:09:05 – Candy Flurry Chapter 1 Discussion

02:25:25 – Show Close

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