Marvel Announces ‘Incoming’ Event. What Could It Be?

Disney is currently holding their massive D23 Expo. There is no shortage of big announcements at D23 Expo as Disney is making sure everyone subscribes to their Disney+ streaming service. One announcement that is likely flying under the radar is one made by Marvel as they revealed the final big event of the year for December called Marvel: Incoming. Not much is known outside the announcement but we do have an image included in the Marvel: Incoming announcement that hints at who the character at center of the event will be. 

Back at San Diego Comic-Con Marvel spoke about 2019 was being groomed around four big events. Three of those events were already announced as being War of the Realms, House of X/Powers of X and Absolute Carnage. That wasn’t surprising since those three events were known going into this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. What we didn’t know was what the final event that would shape Marvel’s 2019 was.

Now we know what that mysterious project is called Incoming. Marvel is still holding their cards close to their chests when it comes to information about Incoming. What we do know is that Marvel looks at Incoming as a big event as they compared it to the Dark Phoenix Saga in how it will shape the Marvel Universe. Honestly that is what fans have come to expect from how Marvel hypes all their big events as being.

Annihilation: Scourge #1 Cover
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The question now is what exactly will Incoming be? The answer to that seems to be a big cosmic event given how the mysterious character in the teaser images is in the middle of space. That is an interesting choice for ‘Incoming’ given that Marvel is already going to have a new Annihilation event starting in November

Having two cosmic events taking place at the same time seems like an odd move since we know the Fantastic Four, Nova and Silver Surfer will be busy with Annihilation. That still leaves cosmic groups like the Guardians of the Galaxy available for Incoming to use. That would be an odd move given how that team was a big part of the original Annihilation event.

Though there is a possibility that Annihilation and Incoming could be related that is something Marvel would’ve made known at San Diego Comic-Con. Because there is no way Marvel would’ve avoided hyping up the new Annihilation as a cornerstone event alongside War of the Realms, House of X/Powers of X and Absolute Carnage.

Black Knight
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Now as for who the character on the teaser image is my prediction is the Black Knight. There are very few well-known sword wielders in the Marvel Universe. And we already have Conan all over the place at Marvel as he has become part of the Savage Avengers. Other sword-wielders like Gamora are also busy with other comic books and don’t fit the character shown in teaser

One of the biggest announcements at the D23 Expo was the casting of Kit Harington as the Black Knight in the upcoming Eternals movie. That is not a small casting announcement and Marvel could take full advantage of how Black Knight is about to become well-known with a mainstream audience. Being the star of a major event would help build hype around the rarely used Black Knight before his MCU debut. 

If the character is the Black Knight then it likely means that Marvel will also have the Eternals be part of the comic book. That would be an interesting move given that Jason Aaron is using the Eternals as part of his current Avengers run. In the Avengers we saw how the Eternals are even more important to the Marvel Universe than previously established. The Incoming event could possibly expand on that idea with Black Knight leading the charge.

Black Knight without his helmet.

The involvement of the Black Knight and Eternals is all a theory since we only have one teaser image to go by. We will likely learn more about the Incoming event when Marvel Comics #1000 releases this Wednesday, August 28th. The one-shot comic will be filled with one page stories. So having a page dedicated to teasing the Incoming event is the perfect thing to include in Marvel Comics #1000.


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