Marvel Comics August 2020 Solicitation Analysis

With all that’s gone on Marvel, like all other comic book companies, publishing schedule has had to be reworked. Things that were going to be published in the early summer months are now set to be released in August. That includes the second half of Empyre, as not only the main series but also multiple tie-in mini-series are releasing two issues during August. What other shifts and surprising new comics being published in August happening? Let’s find out.


Maestro #1
Click for full view for Maestro #1 cover.

Peter David is a legendary writer who has written many fan favorite comic books. His run on Incredible Hulk in particular is regarded as legendary and the definitive run for the character. One of the notable characters that David introduced during his legendary run on the franchise was Maestro. First introduced by David and George Perez in The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, Maestro quickly became an iconic character in the Hulk franchise.

Now David is returning to write a Maestro mini-series in commemoration of the character nearing its 30th anniversary. Given the solicitation for Maestro #1 it looks like David plans on examining the Marvel Universe future that was created in Future Imperfect rather than bringing the character to the present. That is hopefully the direction the series will take. It will open the door to explore a time period that we haven’t seen very much of over the years.


Empyre #4
Click for full view for Empyre #4 cover.

With the publishing schedule pushed back Marvel is not waiting to release Empyre on a normal monthly schedule. Instead, starting in mid-July Marvel is releasing the first three issues of Empyre weekly. Then in August Marvel will have Empyre #4 and #5 releasing bi-monthly. It’s clear that with this publishing schedule Marvel wants to make sure that Empyre is concluded by the end of September. That could be due to projections of things going on in the real world. It is also a sign that Marvel wants to keep their comic book event line-up on schedule since Empyre will be affecting the entire line for the rest of the year and when 2021 begins.

This rush does have the positive that it does look like the issues of Empyre are largely complete if Marvel is this confident with the release schedule. We see that with how Marvel is also planning on dumping several issues of a good portion of the Empyre tie-in mini-series for various characters and teams. Though it is interesting that some previously announced Empyre tie-ins, like Spider-Man’s Empyre mini-series, haven’t been put back on schedule. That could indicate that Marvel has either cut some Empyre tie-ins or is planning to release them as part of their Digital-Only exclusive line that they will announce in the future.


Captain Marvel #20
Click for full view for Captain Marvel #20 cover.

One of the storylines that I find myself most interested in that is spinning out of Empyre is Carol Danvers rise to not only become an Accusers but also leading other heroes to form an Accusers Corp of sorts as well. We see the seeds of that being planted with the cover of Captain Marvel #20 featuring War Machine, Spider-Woman and Hazmat all in Accuser gear and wielding energy hammers. Seeing that these three do no have the heritage it will be very interesting how the Kree/Skrull Empire react to this development.

It could also build on opening the door for Captain Marvel to be more of a cosmic hero. Because thus far, in Kelly Thompson’s run on Captain Marvel we’ve only seen Carol operating on Earth. It would be a good change of pace if the events of Empyre lead Captain Marvel to accepting a greater role as protector of the Marvel Universe. Especially with how Marvel has been trying to establish the fact that Carol is a human-Kree hybrid this would go a long way in readers accepting that heritage.


Amazing Spider-Man #46
Click for full view for Amazing Spider-Man #46 cover.

Looks like Marvel will be using the summer to build towards Amazing Spider-Man #850. Since he started his run Nick Spencer has built his run around the greater plot that he has been building with the Kindred character. So far we’ve seen Kindred manipulating all the events in Spider-Man’s life since Spencer came on board as the writer of Amazing Spider-Man. It is likely that Kindred will be the big bad for Amazing Spider-Man #850. And given how Marvel likes to make a big deal out of such issues we will likely learn who Kindred is. Recent signs point to Kindred being Harry Osborn though there are other signs that it could be someone else that is closely tied to Spider-Man’s past.

But before we reach that big storyline Spider-Man will have to deal with the resurrected Sin Eater. Sin Eater represents one of the darker stories that Spider-Man has been involved with his actions in “The Death of Jean DeWolff.” While Sin Eater isn’t the most powerful his mere presence represent something terrifying for Spider-Man to deal with. How Sin Eater’s plot ends up progressing the Kindred storyline will be interesting to see.


Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1
Click for full view for Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 cover.

Mark Waid and Neil Adams are legends in their own right. So seeing both their names on a new Fantastic Four comic book is very notable for Marvel fans. The cover for Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 is immediately eye catching as Neil Adams features the Fantastic Four with what appears to be Silver Surfer in a near-death state. Given their history with each other this could lead to a big cosmic adventure for the Fantastic Four.

What makes Fantastic Four: Antithesis even more exciting is that it will be a four issue mini-series. Not tying it to any specific continuity will allow Waid and Adams to work with the classic elements of the franchise. Knowing both of their respective for comic book history they will use everything they believe are key to the Fantastic Four.


Wolverine 4 Feature
Click for full view for Wolverine #4 cover.

Since the X-Men reboot we have seen the mutants mostly unified under the nation of Krakoa. But slowly we have been seeing some mutants like Beast and Mystique showing signs of breaking away from Krakoa in their own way. Now it looks as though Wolverine may be joining in as his rogue activity in his new ongoing has put I him at odds with the Quiet Council. Given how Wolverine was always more of a solo act before the events of House of X and Powers of X it is not surprising that he is one of the mutants that would begin going against the Quiet Council’s authority. Even if the Quiet Council is made up by some of the people Wolverine is extremely close to the pull to follow his own code may become too great.


Marauders #11
Click for full view for Marauders #11 cover.

One of the big questions following how the X-Men franchise was rebooted was what the deal with Kate Pryde. She has been put through a lot in this new direction for the franchise. Now it looks like all the developments with Kate Pryde will lead to her death. That would be a major deal if Marvel actually goes through with Kate Pryde’s death. Though I have my doubts about this being real. Especially given how well-known Kate Pryde is there is no way that Marvel would not milk her death with a one-shot dedicated to her character released at the same time. But since there is not a secret X-Men comic solicited Marauders #11 could very well be a fake out for the greater story going on within the X-Men right now.


Captain America #21
Click for full view for Captain America #21 cover.

With Peggy Carter in the present there has been a question if her return is a permanent thing. All signs point to the young Peggy being here to stay. But as we see with the solicitation for Captain America #22 Sharon Carter may pay the ultimate price for her aunt’s presence in the present. That would be a huge shake up for the Captain America franchise given how important Sharon Carter has become over the last few decades. She has been as important to the success of the Captain America comics as Steve Rogers. Switching her out for Peggy Carter would shake things up in multiple ways. From the relationship Peggy and Sharon respectively have with Steve to the current secret spy world that both are involved in. Don’t be surprised if Captain America gets a renewed marketing push when August rolls around given the implications of this big status quo shake up.


Thor #6
Click for full view for Thor #6 cover.

One of the big sub-plots in the current “The Black Winter” storyline is Thor’s role as King of Asgard and All-Father. Loki, Sif and Beta Ray Bill have all questioned Thor’s decisions, especially when it comes to his decision to team up with Galactus and becoming the Herald of Thunder. Thor has been shown to know why they are questioning his leadership as even he has doubts if he is doing the right thing. At the very least, helping Galactus regain his power by feeding on worlds has heavily weighed on Thor.

Now in Thor #6 we could see the God of Thunder’s reign as All-Father come to a quick end. At the very least the question if Thor should still be on the throne will be heavily questioned. That could all lead to a bigger storyline around Asgard that Cates will be building towards in the future.

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