Marvel Comics February 2020 Solicitation Analysis

Marvel Comics February 2020 Solicitation Analysis

Marvel Comics February 2020 Solicitation Analysis

Things continues to escalate around the Marvel Universe. February 2020 does not slow things down as our favorite Marvel characters begin to get involved in what is likely the build towards the next big events for the company. On the X-Men and Fantastic Four front we see the big moment between the teams from House of X and Powers of X will be followed up on. In addition to that several characters like Wolverine, Ant-Man, Nebula, Falcon and Winter Soldier are getting new comics starting in February. Let’s take a look at all we can expect from Marvel based on their February 2020 solicitations.


Wolverine #1 Cover
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It was only a matter of time before Marvel finally gave Wolverine a new ongoing series. Even without an ongoing series we’ve seen how Marvel has given Logan several mini-series since his return that took place outside the current continuity. Now that changes in February 2020 as we have a brand new Wolverine ongoing series helmed by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. 

Percy has shown to do extremely well in solo ongoing series with his past work on Green Arrow and Nightwing. Kubert is also a long time Marvel artists who has shown the ability to capture the iconic nature of Wolverine’s character in titles like Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine. Percy and Kubert along rising talent Bogdanovic should make for a dynamic creative team for the new Wolverine series.

Along with his own ongoing we are seeing how Wolverine is becoming more of a presence in the Marvel Universe since returning. He is all over the covers for the X-Men/Fantastic Four mini-series and is a consistent presence in several X-Men comics. Now in addition to that we will be seeing Wolverine popping up in Black Cat #9. It’ll be interesting to see how Wolverine interacts with those outside his X-Men family since that hasn’t been shown very much since he returned to life.


X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 Cover
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There were many notable moments that took place during the course of House of X and Powers of X. One of those moments came early on in a tense conversation between Cyclops and the Fantastic Four. A take away from that tense conversation was the fact that Cyclops brought up how Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue Richards, is welcomed to live in Krakoa with the rest of the X-Men if he so chooses. That was a clear sign that there was a bigger storyline brewing between the X-Men and Fantastic Four that we would get in the near future. 

Now we know when that future will come as in February 2020 we get a X-Men/Fantastic Four mini-series. We know that Franklin will be the central character in this. What is interesting from the cover is that Valeria Richards is also featured in one of them. While different alternate versions of Valeria have been shown to have super powers the 616-version has only been portrayed as an incredibly intelligent kid. Maybe X-Men/Fantastic Four will dive into how Valeria has mutant powers that have not manifested yet.

Bringing in Doom as a major antagonist should also ensure a lot of big moments will happen between two of Marvel’s biggest teams. Doom could use the current X-Men status quo to further his objectives. Whatever the case may be, X-Men/Fantastic Four could very well shape the future of the Marvel Universe.


Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 Cover
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Given that the Falcon & Winter Soldier Disney+ show is still in the middle of being filmed we are likely still a ways away from the show’s premiere. To help build anticipation for the upcoming Disney+ show Marvel is going to be giving us a new Falcon & Winter Soldier mini-series. While both characters have close ties with Steve Rogers it has been rare to see them team-up with just the two of them. The only time that really happened was during Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run when Bucky Barnes became Captain America after Steve Rogers’ death.

From a comic book perspective, Falcon & Winter Soldier has a lot of potential as long as Derek Landy and Federico Vicentini go all in on a secret spy tone for the series. The only Marvel comic that tackles the secret spy side of the universe is Captain America. Falcon & Winter Soldier can help further fill that void in the Marvel Universe. 


Ant-Man #1 Cover
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Ant-Man is a character that we’ve seen Marvel continue to try to get fans to buy a comic for. We’ve seen various attempts with Scott Lang as Ant-Man being the lead. That will happen again in February 2020 as Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett get their shot to work on an Ant-Man series starring Scott Lang.

What will make this new Ant-Man series different from all those that came before it is the fact that Scott Lang will be joined by his daughter in Cassie Lang. What may help sell some comics for at least Ant-Man #1 is the fact that Cassie will be taking on a new identity in the form of Stinger. Based on all the covers Cassie seems to be given the same power set as her father since she is wearing a purple and black version of Ant-Man’s costume as Stinger. Giving Cassie this new identity could very well clue us into the direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Cassie will take. Which would in turn make this new Ant-Man series very valuable for collectors.


Thor #3 Cover
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Beta Ray Bill is a great character that Marvel never seems to know what to do with in the long term. Over the past two decades we’ve seen him pop up in different Marvel cosmic titles, most recently getting involved with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s been a shame that nothing Beta Ray Bill seems to stick though. 

Hopefully a team-up with Thor in Donny Cates’ new ongoing can give Beta Ray Bill a much needed direction. Thor and Beta Ray Bill are always fun to see fighting together. The King of Asgard direction for Thor can add a new tone for their relationship and maybe lead to Beta Ray Bill given the chance to play a bigger role in the Marvel Universe. At least that is what I hope happens starting in Thor #3. 


Nebula #1 Cover
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Nebula’s rise to prominence is one of the better, and not talked about enough, characters arcs during the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga. Through all the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movie we saw how Nebula is more than just a high level grunt for Thanos and sister to Gamora. She was much more of a nuance character, something the character has unfortunately not been in the comics for a very long time.

Now that can change with the new Nebula mini-series releasing in February 2020. Marvel’s cosmic corner is always one that is open to a vast amount of untapped potential. Especially after events like Infinity Wars and the new Annihilation, Nebula’s new comic book can explore the current status quo on various planets in the Marvel Universe. What Nebula’s place is in the Marvel Universe can be firmly established by doing so, especially if Vita Ayala and Claire Roe go all in on her as a badass bounty hunter.


Gwen Stacy #1 Cover
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Thanks to Spider-Gwen many more people have become Gwen Stacy fans. It has been great to see Gwen be brought back in a prominent way that she is a fan favorite. With the popularity of Spider-Gwen this is the best time to exploring the original Gwen Stacy. That is exactly what is going to happen with a new Gwen Stacy mini-series that will focus on her high school life before she met Peter Parker.

The choice to set this Gwen Stacy mini-series in during her high school life is the right one. This is a period that has only been briefly touched on through Harry Osborn making offhand mentions of his high school life to Peter and Mary Jane. Now actually getting to see what life was like for Gwen before she met Peter will give further depth to her character. 


Captain America #19 Cover
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We already know that Dryad is a young Peggy Carter, who has been mysteriously brought to the present Marvel Universe. That was something that was revealed several issues ago in Captain America. There are still a lot of questions as to why Peggy Carter is back and what her true motives are beyond helping Steve Rogers with his current crisis.

Captain America #19 can start answering those questions as it teases the fact that Steve will finally learn that Peggy is the mysterious Dryad who has been helping him. This revelation will definitely be a big one for fans. Even for someone that is hard to surprise, this reveal should come as a big shock for Steve. Why Peggy chooses the events that take place in Captain America #19 as the time to reveal her secret to Steve will be interesting to find out. And how that shakes up the status quo within Captain America should be even more interesting to see play out.

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