Marvel February 2017 Solicitations Analysis


Following DC Comics releasing their February 2017 solicitations Marvel has just done so as well. Just from a glance it looks as though Marvel is finally expanding Daredevil to become a franchise like Spider-Man and the Avengers. Along with that February looks to mark the end of The Clone Conspiracy event. Let’s take a closer look at what stood out from Marvel’s February 2017 solicitations



What a time to be a Daredevil fan. Not only has Daredevil had two successful seasons on Netflix and a great ongoing comic book but there are three comic books spinning out of his series: Kingpin, Elektra and Bullseye. Two of these series, Kingpin and Elektra, at least will start off as ongoings while the other, Bullseye, will be a mini-series. And to top it off Daredevil is guest-starring in Star-Lord. Quite a month for the Man Without Fear.

Now out of these new comic books the one I am most interested in is Elektra. While Elektra has been part of other Marvel comics outside of Daredevil this is her chance to step out of other people’s shadows. Making the series even more intriguing is the setting of Las Vegas. Not only is this in my backyard but a chance to explore a place within the Marvel Universe that is brand new. Outside of a brief stop during Old Man Logan, Las Vegas isn’t a place we see used very often in comics. So with a fresh location like this to play with Matt Owens has plenty to work with in making this city Elektra’s own.



So far The Clone Conspiracy has lived up to all my expectations. Dan Slott has done a great job using everything he has previously established in his Spider-Man work to enhance The Clone Conspiracy story. Now it looks as though February will be when it all comes to an end.

One thing that stood out from these solicits on The Clone Conspiracy side is learning that two versions of the Jackal will be clashing with one another. As I mentioned in my Clone Conspiracy breakdown, I don’t think that the Jackal we’ve seen in The Clone Conspiracy is the real Miles Warren. Instead I theorized that this Jackal is actually Norman Osborn who is using the Miles Warren clones as cover. With February’s Amazing Spider-Man this theory may be a reality.

The other thing that will be interesting to discover is what roles the other Spider-Man related characters will have at the end of The Clone Conspiracy. Spider-Gwen, Kaine, Silk and Prowler are all Spider-Man allies involved in this story and where they end up is a big question. Could Spider-Gwen possibly make her way to the main Marvel Universe? Who knows but it’ll be fun to find out.



There is no secret that the superhero community has been broken for a long time in the Marvel Universe. Over the years there has been only a few times where it felt like Marvel’s heroes were united for a common good. Strangely it looks like the thing that will unite our heroes are monsters.

That’s right the month of love will also be the month of the monster mash. The actual series aren’t that interesting but it is great to see all of Marvel’s heroes fighting together for once. How long it last is anyone’s guess.



One of Marvel’s secret weapons is the strength of the two Wolverine titles. Both All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan are amongst the best titles Marvel is producing on a monthly basis. Even if they aren’t getting the type of promotion that the Avengers related titles they standing out more than any titles.

Now Marvel looks like they will be giving Logan a small bit of promotion with several old Wolverine comics released under the ‘True Believers’ banner. That’s not a lot promotion given that Logan releases on March 3rd but hopefully the next month of solicits gives more love to Wolverine with hardcovers and the such announced.

With that said, what is exciting about the Wolverine franchise in February is that we will be learning more about Old Man’s Logan history as the Brood storyline comes to a close. The history with Baby Hulk is what I’m most interested to find out given how directly that ties into the ending of Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan.

Marvel had plenty of other comic books that can be exciting for fans, such as Inhumans vs X-Men continuing and the start of a new Kang’s War. See all of Marvel’s February 2017 solicitations here and let me know what you are excited for.