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Matsumoto Game Changing Revelation In Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 81

Things have been looking good for the Defense Force as all the investment they put into assembling all their elite Number Weapons users has been paying off. That was shown with how the Defense Force was able to quickly respond to Kaiju No. 9 creating a cataclysm event with a new kaiju invasion. But in this week’s Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 81 Naoya Matsumoto unveiled a revelation about the latest kaiju attack that was not good news for the Defense Force.

Starting with Chapter 69 Matsumoto kicked off the seventh story arc for Kaiju No. 8 titled “Cataclysm.” The story  has seen the Defense Force dealing with the latest attack by Kaiju No. 9 launching a new wave of kaiju attacks on the Shinjuku ward named Kabukicho. The Defense Force were successful in taking down the first wave thanks to Mina Ashiro utilizing the Anti-Giant-Class Kaiju Rail Gun.

Gen Narumi vs Kaiju No. 11
Kaiju No. 11 overwhelms Gen Narumi in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 81. Credit: Viz Media

After this we transitioned into the eighth story arc that continued Kaiju No. 9’s attack titled “Second Wave.” No letting the Defense Force celebrate at all Kaiju No. 9 launched a second wave to its cataclysm by having its children confront the Defense Force’s Number Weapons.

This second wave, while much more difficult, was something that the Number Weapons users were prepared for after all their training. That was shown with Kikoru Shinomiya not only surpassing her previous combat limits but achieving the same 94% combat power to match the power her mom, Hikari Shinomiya, showed as the previous Numbers Weapon 4 user.

In achieving this it appeared that Kikoru was going to lead the rest of the Defense Force in defeating all of Kaiju No. 9 children. But as we’ve seen in the past with Kaiju No. 8, Matsumoto had Kaiju No. 9 have everything we’ve seen go down in bot the “Cataclysm” and “Second Wave” arcs as part of its plan. Kaiju No. 9’s true plan was revealed in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 81 as specifically assigning his children to attack the Numbers Weapons users they would each have an advantage against.

The first clue into Kaiju No. 9’s true plan was first showcased in the previous chapter of the series. In Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 80 we saw Kaiju No. 15 utilize a Psychogenic Attack that allowed it to use all of Kikoru’s family trauma against her. This attacked proved successful as Kikoru was left petrified by Kaiju No. 15’s Psychogenic Attack.

Unfortunately for the Defense Force, Kaiju No. 9 plan did not end there. That is because we saw exactly why Kaiju No. 11 through No. 15 confronted Gen Narumi, Soshiro Hoshina, Rin Shinonome, Mina Ashiro, Kikoru individually. Spefically we saw Gen, Soshiro, and Rin completely overwhelmed by Kaiju No. 11, Kaiju No. 12, and Kaiju No. 13 respectively. When you add Kaiju No. 15 leaving Kikoru in a state of shock and the Defense Force find themselves in a scenario where all their heavy hitters could be taken down in one kaiju attack.

Kaiju No. 9 True Plans Revealed
Rin Shinonome overwhelmed by Kaiju No. 13 as the Defense Force Director Keiji Itami realizes Kaiju No. 9 true plan in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 81. Credit: Viz Media

This all creates a scenario where it is difficult to see how the Defense Force can hope to not win but survive this latest Kaiju attack. The Defense Force does have a major trump card with series lead Kafka Hibino still being fresh outside the battle zone. That is because the Defense Force planned on using Kafka and his Kaiju No. 8 powers to battle Kaiju No. 9, whenever it showed up.

Now the Defense Force are in a position where they likely can’t afford to keep Kafka on the bench. Their Numbers Weapons users are to important to the power the Defense Force has to fight the kaiju threat.

Then there is also the fact that even if Kafka as Kaiju No. 8 enters the battle if it will be to late. Because there are five major battles all going down with at least four of them needing Kafka. But even with all his training Kafka wouldn’t have much time, especially with how powerful Kaiju No. 11 through No. 15 have proven to be.

It all creates a scenario where there is no telling how Matsumoto plans to resolve things. The way things are looking Isao Shinomiya death at the hands of Kaiju No. 9 in the “Kaiju Weapon Arc” may have just been the start of a dark period for Japan as the kaiju threat continues to grow. This all leads to greater anticipation for all future chapters to find out how things will turn out next in Kaiju No. 8.