My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Review

As the dust settles on the events from the Paranormal Liberation War arc all we have been left with seeing is the massive amount of destruction. That destruction hasn’t just been the visual of a ruins of Deika City where the heroes vs villain battle took place or the major deaths that were suffered. We are also seeing how the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc have damaged the hero society that My Hero Academia has been centered around up until now. The most recent chapter involving Hawk provided some hints at how the world of My Hero Academia has forever changed. Now with the major milestone of reaching its 300th chapter what will happen next in My Hero Academia. Let’s find out with My Hero Academy Chapter 300.

Writer and Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Two days since the events in Deika City the existence of the Nomu is no longer a rumor. Now with sightings of Nomu spreading nationwide villains have been openly committing crimes.

One of the Shian Prison escapees, Cinder House, leads a robbery at a fast-food restaurant. No longer willing to wait for heroes to save the day normal citizens have decided to step up to defend themselves and the community by using hero-support tools and weapons that are in the market.

When the Number 8 Hero Wash appears on the scene he finds the fast food restaurant and surrounding area destroyed with several people dead or injured. The people left standing call Wash out for showing up after Cinder House’s attack. As the people throw things at him Wash uses his Clean Bubbler to disperse the crowd.

Elsewhere, the Number 9 Hero Yoroi Musha announces his retirement. As people call him out for quitting Yoroi Musha thinks to himself how he became a hero so he could be loved and respected.

All around Japan other heroes are said to have also retire as the peaceful society they signed up to be heroes in is no more while the crime rate grows exponentially.

At an abandoned weapon shop Stain is shown walking in and taking his old sword back.

Outside the hospital, a large crowd have gathered outside demanding answers from Endeavor as they hold him responsible for what happened.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Review
The Equipted Hero and current Number 9 Pro Hero, Yoroi Musha, announces his retirement in light of the events from the Paranormal Liberation War arc in My Hero Academia Chapter 300. Click for full page view.

Inside the hospital, as Endeavor regains consciousness, he doctor believes he will pull through and is rooting for him.

Once he is alone in his room Endeavor remembers everything that Dabi (Toya Todoroki) said and how paralyzed he was from those words. Endeavor reflects how Blue Jeanist manage to disprove part of what Dabi said but it does not hide the greater truth of all the physical and emotional abuse he has done. Because of that he now believes while he’ll live on as Enji Todoroki the hero Endeavor is dead. Enji then admits that he cannot fight his son even as Toya has become a mass murdered as Dabi.

Shoto Todoroki suddenly appears and is stunned that his dad is crying. Shoto brings in his sister and brother (Fuyumi Todoroki and Natsuo Todoroki, respectively). Natsu calls his dad over crying.  Enji continues to cry as he admits he didn’t realize the pain he caused its now to late for him for all the regret and guilt he is feeling.

Rei Todoroki suddenly appears and tells Enji that all the regret and guilt that he feels is the burden she and their kids have carried their entire lives. A shocked Enji asks Rei why she is there. Rei says it is time they talk about their family and son, Toya. End of chapter.

The Good: The epilogue for the Paranormal Liberation War arc continues to examine the new state of the world of for the My Hero Academia Universe. For the 300th chapter of My Hero Academia it was clear that Kohei Horikoshi wanted to deliver the biggest impact possible for this major milestone for the series. And that is exactly what we got with this chapter examining one of the biggest things to come out of the Paranormal Liberation War arc with Dabi being confirmed to be Toya Todoroki and the impact that has on the entire Todoroki family.

Starting out My Hero Academia Chapter 300 by continuing to drive home how changed the hero society is worked to get us into the mindset of where the community is as a whole. The damage has been done and a press release cannot change or hide the events in Deika City like the heroes have done in the past when the League of Villains attacked UA High School during the early chapters of My Hero Academia. Actually showing that the events of Paranormal Liberation War arc has shaken the world to its core that the belief in heroes is no longer there gives all new life to this series.

What makes this exploration so much more interesting is that Horikoshi is making the question of if the current crop of heroes are in the hero career for more than just saving the day. That is directly seen with how Yoroi Musha, who was ranked the Number 9 Pro Hero in Japan, retired almost immediately as things are going south for the hero community. As we see from his inner monologue it was not the newly added pressure in the fallout of this most recent arc or his age that caused him to retire. It was the fact that he was no longer getting the love and respect that he felt his whole career that he decided to call it quits.

It’s a damning way to go out that further points out how many heroes in My Hero Academia where just in this career for the fame, money, and love that came with carrying the hero name. In retiring the way he did while being a Top 10 Hero in Japan Yoroi Musha becomes what he never wanted to turn into: a symbol for how “heroes” will quit when things get tough. With one of Japan’s top heroes quitting Yoroi Musha it makes it an easier decision for others to quit as well, as we see in the panels directly after that announcement.

This all puts those that decide to remain heroes in a more difficult spot. As we see with what happens when the Number 8 Pro Hero in Wash showing up late to a crime scene the people of Japan no longer believe in them. In showing up late Wash just confirmed in the mind of normal people that heroes are not to be believed in. This will only make things more dangerous as we move forward since now people feel like they have to defend themselves even when they haven’t had the training to deal with villains like the heroes and police have gone through to be prepared.

That set the stage well for where we find Enji Todoroki after he has regained consciousness from all his injuries. The fact that Dabi was able shake Enji enough to get his father to believe that the hero Endeavor is dead makes this the most devastating injury a single person suffered in the Paranormal Liberation War arc. This happening to Enji after he achieved his dream to be recognized as the Number 1 Pro Hero makes this an even bigger deal from the Endeavor side of things. Of all the Pro Heroes we have followed Endeavor’s journey is one we’ve seen most chronicled from the beginning of this series. We understand what the status of being the Number 1 Pro Hero represents. Which further places an importance on when he will actually speak to the media as the public demand for what he has to say will only grow the longer he goes without saying anything.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 Review
Rei Todoroki and her children confront Endeavor over the reality of his past actions in My Hero Academia Chapter 300. Click for full page view.

As interesting as the status of Endeavor is I’m glad that the bigger focus is being placed on Enji Todoroki as a person. Horikoshi does a fantastic job first showing us how much pain Enji is going through as we know this is the first time he is fully dealing with his demons. But as Rei Todoroki points out so perfectly Enji is just now feeling the impact on the horrible abuse and other actions he took to get to the top. Unlike him Rei, Toya, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto have dealt with that burden their entire life. Both Rei and Natsuo’s words when they first see Enji in the emotional state he is where exactly what needed to be said.

It is a good reminder that Enji’s arc isn’t about everyone forgiving him. There is no erasing what he has done. Yes, Enji can promise to not abuse people anymore and be a better person but getting actual forgiveness and having everyone forget his terrible actions is never going to be a reality. Positioning Enji’s arc in this way adds a greater sense of realism to what the character is going to be dealing with. By doing this Horikoshi makes the next steps Enji makes as a person and hero even more important

While this second half of My Hero Academia Chapter 300 was focused on Endeavor the last few pages did a great job setting up the entire Todoroki family to have a greater importance in the series moving forward. This is no longer about how Shoto feels about his father. It has become something that involves Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo as well. Having the entire Todoroki family get involved makes the next steps for what the story with Dabi will be moving forward. Because we already know Shoto is now making it his mission to stop his big brother. Now we are left with questions on how his mother and siblings will also deal with the revelation of Toya Todoroki being Dabi.

The appearance of Stain in the middle of My Hero Academia Chapter 300 was an unexpected surprise. It has been a while since we last saw Stain. Having him return as the hero society is just about destroyed makes this development even more interesting. With where things are now Horikoshi could lean more into positioning Stain as My Hero Academia’s version of Punisher that people will gravitate to. That would make for an interesting dynamic for how the heroes side of story will evolve moving forward.

The Bad: As captivating as it is to see how Endeavor and Hawk as the #1 and #2 Pro Hero deal with the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War arc it is odd that we haven’t seen more of an update on Izuku Midoriya status. The last we saw of him he was still in a coma even as everyone else has at least regained consciousness. Even if it was a page where we saw Izuku’s mom or others reacting to his current state it would help that part of this current story out more. It would at least keep Izuku’s status as a reminder of how bad things went since the series lead almost died in an effort to save everyone.

Overall: Kohei Horikoshi knocked it out of the park by making My Hero Academia Chapter 300 the memorable chapter for such a big milestone for this series to reach. The continued focus on where the Hero Society stand after the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc is fascinating. The way everyone from the heroes to villains to normal people react to what happened get across how the world of My Hero Academia has changed forever. The spotlight given to the Todoroki family in the fallout of the revelations around Dabi’s origin further build excitement to find out what will happen next.

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