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My Hero Academia is coming off its biggest arc in its history. The battle with Tomura Shigaraki, All For One, Dabi, and all the villains in the Paranormal Liberation Front has left the hero society on the brink of destruction. The current status quo being shaken so much in My Hero Academia has only been made worse with how the major heroes and UA High School students, specifically Deku, are all dealing with serious injuries. And now with the Number 1 hero Endeavor being placed in spot where he must answer for what his son, Dabi, revealed about his abusive past things will only get more complicated. How will all the characters deal with the new world order of My Hero Academia? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 306.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Feeling Izuku Midoriya is having a meeting with the previous One For All user Yagi Toshinori realizes that Midoriya previously being Quirkless was not a curse but a blessing.

As soon as he leaves Midoriya’s hospital room Toshinori runs into Hawks and Best Jeanist. Hawks directly asks Toshinori what relation Midoriya and One For All have as the media have picked up on the existence of One For All when it was mentioned at the end of the battle with Shigaraki. Hawks goes on to reveal that Endeavor believes Shigaraki is going after Midoriya and wants all the info as they aren’t just fighting villains anymore but society’s negative view of heroes now.

Thinking about it Toshinori takes Hawks and Blue Jeanist to the side to talk about One For All with them in private.

Sometime later Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist host a press conference with all of the media gathered. Endeavor immediately confirms his abusive past and his family’s history. Hawks then reveals that they did fake Best Jeanist’s death so he could infiltrate the League of Villains as a spy. Hawks goes on to say that it is true that his father was a villain and that he did kill Twice because he saw no other option against the dangerous villain.

One of the reporters asks about Gigantomachia’s rampage as her mother was injured during that. She goes on ask if Endeavor thinks that just admitting to everything and saying he is sorry actually fixes the fact many lives were lost, homes were destroyed, and countless people are injured from the fight with the villains.

As she gets more heated Endeavor asks if she wants to see him cry while he continues to apologize. This pisses off the reporter even more. Endeavor then says that he is planning on focusing on ease the panic in society by getting rid of the villains and hopes that can make up for what he did.

My Hero Academia Chapter 306

Reporters call out Endeavor Hawks, and Best Jeanist for the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc in My Hero Academia Chapter 306. Click for full page view.

Blue Jeanist then reveals they are already working with the government since the number of active heroes has dwindled so it will be hard to protect society at large. He goes on to say they are prioritizing moving all families of the students in the hero course to UA High School and other schools will act as a designated evacuation shelters.

We see both Inko Midoriya and Mitsuki Bakugo moving into the dorms at UA High School.

Back at the press conference Endeavor then says that if anyone has concerns about this to direct it all to him. He goes on to request that they all watch him from this point forward.

Elsewhere the heroes Wash, Mt. Lady, Mirko, Eraser Head, and Kamui Woods are all shown getting ready to fight.

Dabi also reacts to the press conference by saying “So I didn’t go far enough. HEH HEH…”

Back at the press conference when the reporters ask about One For All, Endeavor says he doesn’t know anything about it.

Over at the dorms for the Class 1-A students everyone receives a letter from Midoriya. They all read it and find out through what Midoriya wrote to him the truth about how he received One For All from All Might. While most are shocked by the letter Ochaco Uraraka sadly calls says “That Dummy” while holding Midoriya’s letter close to her head.

Flash forwarding to April, it is revealed the Midoriya left UA High School.

Midoriya is then seen with an altered version of his Deku costume with his Danger Sense power alerting him to a new villain attack in the city he is in. End of chapter.

The Good: The Paranormal Liberation War Arc has been an intense ride that has left the My Hero Academia franchise shaken. There is no going back from everything that took place in the biggest story arc of this series’ history. And that is exactly what chapter 306 of My Hero Academia confirms as every remaining character gets ready for what comes next.

What I appreciate most with how Kohei Horikoshi handled the events in My Hero Academia Chapter 306 is how he directly tells us there is no looking back anymore. The events in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc happened and all of the heroes cannot look back in hopes of finding a way to change it. This is the turning point for the series goes from simply being about heroes-in-training to full on exploration of what it means to be a hero in this universe.

Horikoshi does this by stripping away how fame has defined the hero society in the My Hero Academia Universe for so long. The goal of becoming one of the top heroes in the country and world was something that drove many to the profession. But now that things aren’t simple in how becoming a hero gives the person glory and fame we are now going to see who the people that truly want to help and save people step up.

That was what made the visual of Wash, Mt. Lady, Mirko, Eraser Head, and Kamui Woods each silently reflecting about what is next so impactful. It was a simple page but it told a story in itself of how those who choose to stay as heroes will be carrying a lot of weight as society will be judging all of their actions, both positively and negatively. That is furthered by how we saw nameless people commenting online negative views on heroes. Its something that they cannot escape but will make them truly step up as heroes even as they face this adversity. It is all something that reminds me of how many Marvel Universe heroes like Spider-Man, X-Men, and Daredevil have to deal with.

The press conference that Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist was even more important as they were the last heroes to be voted the Top 3 Heroes in Japan in the last voting before Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Even though the ranking system is likely being done away with it is important that these three accept being the faces of the current crisis that heroes are facing. They at least needed to show that there is a unity with the heroes who have decided to continue defending innocents and fighting villains.

My Hero Academia Chapter 306

Wash, Mt. Lady, Mirko, Eraser Head, Kamui Woods, and Dabi all react differently to Endeavor’s press conference in My Hero Academia Chapter 306. Click for full page view.

It was also good that Horikoshi made sure that Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist answered for all their actions and respective histories revealed in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Being this honest with the biggest platform possible further emphasized how there is no turning back now. Heroes like Hawks can’t simply hide their history or actions in hopes no one will look into that information. Hawks finally openly talking about his villainous dad and admitting that he saw no other option but to kill Twice was a powerful statement. That is where the art by Horikoshi really stood out as the facial reactions Hawks had were just as important as the dialogue.

And I have to commend Horikoshi for having Endeavor answer for his entire history, including the abuse he committed to his family. We as the reader didn’t need to hear that again since we know everything already, but it was important that Horikoshi had Endeavor openly to talk about these details. The shocked reactions in all the reporters’ faces is a reminder of how we as the readers can’t speak for the people of this world. WE needed to see actual reaction from normal people in this world to get a full impact on weight of Endeavor’s actions and it becoming public.

Most importantly Endeavor did it on his own. While the entire Todoroki family have proclaimed that they will deal with Dabi as a united family unit at the end of the day the one that needs to answer for their history is Endeavor. So it was important that it was Endeavor alone who answered these questions because if the rest of the Todoroki family would’ve been there they would have been seen as props to a PR campaign.

Which is what made the angry reporter that continuously called out Endeavor such an important character. Even though Endeavor has accepted his role in this he needed to hear the anger and disappointing from those he has no connection to. The reporter spoke for everyone in that press conference and those around the world who are still in shock over what happened in the The Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

This made Endeavor speech even stronger because he knows that saying sorry and crying won’t do anything meaningful. People’s opinion on him and the rest of the heroes is firmly set. An apology tour will only make things worse. But what Endeavor and the other heroes can do is let what they do moving forward hopefully help heal these wounds that have been created in society. Even if they won’t ever go away that is just something that everyone must accept.

Adding to how different things are now having One For All be something that the public now knows about, at least that it is what Shigaraki and All For One are after, furthered the themes of this chapter. Toshinori Yagi being put in a place that he has to now tell people about One For All is a major moment in this series history. One For All was such a closely guarded secret by its users and a select few that Toshinori bringing in Hawks and others into that circle is an important step forward. It opens things up more for the heroes who have to deal with what All For One next to be better prepared.

It also made the decision Izuku Midoriya made at the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 306 an even bigger deal. Izuku knows now that he can no longer live under the shelter of All Might or UA High School. It would just bring more trouble for those he cares about. That is all something that is told through the somber look on Izuku’s face as his Danger Sense Quirk kicks in. The fact that we are seeing Izuku with this new look after a time skip added to how impactful this ending was. It truly emphasized how we are now beginning The Final Act, as the title of this chapter proclaims. It all does feel like a beginning and end of something bigger than we’ve ever seen in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 306

A look at where Izuku Midoriya is at after a time skip takes place in My Hero Academia Chapter 306. Click for full page view.

Izuku leaving behind a letter for all his friends in Class 1-A was a nice touch as it does show that they will still be involved in what happens next. Izuku revealing the truth of One For All to them through this letter adds even more importance to their roles moving forward as they are all part of the group who know about why All For One is after him. Ochaco Uraraka reaction was especially heartbreaking because you know that Izuku made this choice on his own and disappeared as soon as he could get out of his hospital bed. This positions the eventual reunion between Izuku and his friends to be one of the scenes to most look forward to.

The Bad: Nothing

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 306 is one of the most important chapters of this entire series. The tone has been set for the rest of this series as the hero society that has prospered for so long is no more. In its wake is one where all the heroes must not only fight the villains that rose up during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc but also public perception. The way Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist and other heroes address this fact in this chapter was expertly written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi. It all made the final splash page that revealed where Izuku Midoriya is at and the title of this chapter as memorable as you can get from an ending.

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