My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Cover

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Cover

Izuku Midoriya made a massive life changing choice by striking out on his own as Deku without All Might’s help. This decision was made due to the weight he now feels he is carrying after what All For One told Izuku he is his sole target now. As Izuku has made this major change in his own war against All For One the Pro Heroes led by Endeavor and Hawks also making their own moves. The Pro Heroes have created a small network of the most trusted Pro Heroes to take on All For One and the League of Villains. With so much going how will Kohei Horikoshi continue to develop beginning of The Final Saga? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 318

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: On the phone, Endeavor tells Deku to take a break and rest as the heroes from overseas will be arriving soon to help them out. Deku tells Endeavor not to worry about him and they need to continue to make sure that villains aren’t given time to prepare to act against them. Deku then hangs up on Endeavor

Inside the Izuku Midoriya’s vestige world the previous One For All users all try to tell Deku he is pushing himself to much but Izuku ignores them.

Yoichi Shigaraki, second user, third user, Hikage Shinomori, Daigoro Banjo, En, Nana Shimura, and Toshinori Yagi (who still appears in spirit form since he is physically still alive) discuss Izuku’s current mentality. Nana believes her feelings for her grandson (Tomura Shigaraki) is influencing Izuku. The second One For All user that he believes Izuku’s current path is the best current option as he bears the wills of all previous One For All users. The second user goes on to say that there is something they can do to help Izuku out.

In an unknown city Deku takes on several villains using his Blackwhip Quirk with One For All to take them out. The citizens that Deku save all run away scared of him even though he says he does not work for All For One.

My Hero Academia Chapter 318
Yoichi Shigaraki, second One For All user, third One For All user, Hikage Shinomori, Daigoro Banjo, En, Nana Shimura, and Toshinori Yagi discuss how to help Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia Chapter 318. Click for full page view.

Deku carries on moving alone. As he does so Izuku wonders what All For One wants. He goes on to think how he needs to be the one to stop Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Believing this Izuku pushes himself to be tap into 100% of One For All in order to make sure he can protect all of his family and friends in order to get back to being able to smile together again.

A new villain named Dictator suddenly appears in front of Deku. Dictator is using his Despot Quirk to control an army of people to use against Deku. Deku powers up but when all the people Dictator is controlling charge at him he does nothing against them to avoid hurting them. This causes all of the people to pile on Deku.

With so many people on him Deku remembers Crust defeating Dictator five years ago and how the only way to stop the Despot Quirk control over others is to knock out the victims or Dictator. Deku can’t bring himself to hurt the people Dictator is controlling.

Out of nowhere Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo) appears and knocks out Dictator with his special super move AP Shot.

Bakugo then contacts the others (though its not clear if its his classmates or Pro Heroes) that he has found Izuku Miodirya. End of chapter.

The Good: Kohei Horikoshi waste no time in showing us how alone Izuku Midoriya as Deku has closed himself off to everyone in his life. The sense of loneliness inside Izuku can be felt throughout My Hero Academia Chapter 318. It all drives home how much Izuku has been through in this first story arc of The Final Saga.

Opening up with Endeavor now trying to get Izuku to get some rest so they can wait for help from heroes overseas accomplishes multiple things. First it establishes how Endeavor and the other Pro Heroes are expanding their scope to include heroes around the world. This further emphasizes how the current Pro Heroes are going to making sure to only pick those they trust to be in the inner circle against All For One. Which Pro Heroes and allies appear will be interesting to see.

This action by Endeavor also elevates the threat that All For One is. He is no longer just a Japan exclusive threat. All For One and the League of Villains have grown so powerful they are a threat to the entire world. And with the hero society in such a shaken state it is now up to the heroes who won’t falter to negativity to go up against All For One.

The other thing that this opening page accomplishes is getting us into Izuku’s frame of mind. As My Hero Academia Chapter 318 goes on we see that Izuku has fully convinced himself that he has to defeat All For One alone. Even when he has Endeavor, All Might, and other Pro Heroes ready to help him Izuku feels its his job to take out All For One.

That mentality has led Izuku to become unrecognizable. And not just visually, which he does continue to appear as an absolute beast with the Blackwhip Quirk covering his body. The Izuku Midoriya that smiled and was a positive force in his friends lives is no longer here. The way he acts and emotes get across how Izuku has become completely blinded by his mission to stop All For One. Its to the point that even when he is saving people that the people he saves are scared of him.

This made the manifestation of Izuku picturing all his friends smiling be an even more heartbreaking thing to see. Even though he has given into acting alone Izuku is still motivated by protecting his family and friends. But because of All For One’s words about being the villain’s sole target Izuku now believes he has to be disconnected from everyone to win.

My Hero Academia Chapter 318
Katsuki Bakugo arrives in time to save Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia Chapter 318. Click for full page view.

All of this development for Izuku made the latest villain sent after Deku by All For One standout even more. Dictator having the power to control people works well in comparison to Deku being alone. We see this army of people that Dictator has forced to act as human shields and pile on Deku at the same time. This whole situation drove home how exhausted Deku has become as not giving himself time to rest has clouded his judgement that Dictator is able to easily overwhelm.

With Izuku in such a bad spot the sudden appearance of Katsuki Bakugo as Dynamight was a very hype way to end My Hero Academia Chapter 318. Its been so long since we’ve seen Bakugo or anyone from Class 1-A that we got to a point that its easy to forget about them. Even here I expected Endeavor or one of the other Pro Heroes to step in. It being Bakugo means so much more and now brings back the rest of Class 1-A into the fold. This is something that was very much needed as the chemistry between everyone in Class 1-A is one of the major things has made My Hero Academia such a standout series.

We also had the set up of Yoichi Shigaraki, second user, third user, Hikage Shinomori, Daigoro Banjo, En, Nana Shimura, and Toshinori Yagi all talking about being more active in teaching Izuku. The tease that the second user knows what is the best way to help Izuku does make put a lot of things into question. Because we saw that Izuku, before his fight with Dictator, was thinking how he needs to get to the point of being able to use 100% of One For All without damaging his body. The second user’s plan could lead us to that being what comes next for Izuku’s character along with breaking free from his current lonely mindset.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 318 does an effective job further progressing Izuku Midoriya’s current journey as Deku. Kohei Horikoshi gets you into what Izuku’s current mindset is as he has completely given into the loneliness of the decisions to walk alone as Deku. The way that all leads to Katsuki Bakugo return builds great hype for whatever Horikoshi has planned next in My Hero Academia.

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    1. You are very likely right. Looking forward to what their reaction will be to Izuku’s current state.

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