My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Who Are You Really

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Who Are You Really

After going on a big journey of taking the weight of the world on his own Izuku Midoriya finally realized that he needs his friends from Class A to help him save the world. That was not an easy realization as all of Class A worked together with Ochaco Uraraka speech to everyone at UA High School being the final trigger needed for Izuku to make that full realization. While that major hurdle has been overcome the world of My Hero Academia is still in a state of chaos with villains running wild everywhere. What is next for the series? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 326.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Driving through the city Toshinori Yagi remembers how he failed to live up to the promise he made to Inko Midoriya to watch over Izuku Midoriya.

He eventually makes it to the place in Kamino, Yokohama where Deku fought Class A earlier. Toshinori notices the All Might statue in the area has been vandalized with a sign placed on it saying “I Am Not Here.” Toshinori reflects on how All Might is now just getting in the way.

Stain suddenly appears and holds his sword at Toshinori’s face pissed that he would say something so blasphemous against All Might. Stain demands Toshinori explain himself. Realizing they never met Toshinori transforms for a few seconds to reveal to Stain that he is All Might.

Stain calls Toshinori a sham and not All Might whatsoever. He once again demands to know why Toshinori would walk on sacred ground and call himself a hero.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Who Are You Really
Stain calls out Toshinori Yagi for not living up to what All Might’s legacy in My Hero Academia Chapter 326. Click for full page view.

Toshinori tells Stain a story back during his youth before he received One For All that even when he was Quirkless he refused to stay on the sidelines when people were in danger. He goes on to say that he worked hard to make the world a better place and now his hero journey has run its course with the current state of the world being the result of his time as All Might.

Toshinori goes on to admit that even though he gave his life to protect his protégé (Izuku Midoriya) he never told Izuku to take time for himself. Reflecting on what just happened with Izuku receiving support from Class A and others, Toshinori tells Stain that he has become someone who has become more distant from heroes and heroism.

Stain suddenly grabs Toshinori and hides behind some ice. Stain then grabs Toshinori’s head and has him look at his statue that has been vandalized and is now being cleaned by someone. Stain reveals that the woman cleaning the statue is the last person All Might saved, who was defended by All Might in the final stage of the fight with All For One.

This leaves Toshinori in shock. Stain states that whether having the power of One For All or being Quirkless that All Might would maintain a grin on his face and devote every fiber of his being to the people of the world. He once again calls out that the current Toshinori is not All Might. Stain then says that All Might’s legacy lives on in the woman cleaning the statue and young people who are nurturing All Might’s embers to make it grow into a new roaring blaze.

The woman cleaning the statue talks to the All Might statue saying she is doing her best and hopes he is as well.

Hearing this from a distance Toshinori starts to cry.

Stain suddenly throws down a piece of paper and nails it to the ground with a knife. He reveals that the paper contains information he obtained during his time in Tartarus. Stain then demands All Might use that knife to take the life of Stain – the man who murdered 40 heroes – for the sake of fixing society. End of chapter.

The Good: After everything that happened between Izuku Midoriya and Class A finally getting the meeting between Stain and All Might was the last thing I was expecting we would get. But that is exactly what Kohei Horikoshi gave us with My Hero Academia Chapter 326. It was something that has been a long time coming and read just like that.

Something that Horikoshi has really been nailing since starting The Final Act Saga are major character-centric moments. He has done many of them throughout the course of My Hero Academia but he has really refined how he structures these type of chapters. That is something we see with how Horikoshi has spent these last dozen of chapters developing Izuku Midoriya, Lady Nagant, One For All, Katsuki Bakugo, Ochaco Uraraka, and others.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 feels like a culmination of refining his writing with how the meeting between Toshinori Yagi and Stain is knocked out of the park. Horikoshi gives enough time to both characters for the reader to understand where Toshinori and Stain are mentally when they finally meet. Getting over their respective mentalities is given an even greater intensity thanks to how Horikoshi draws the entire interaction.

Stain in particular just steals the show just as he did in his character introduction during the Hero Killer Arc. You can’t help but get behind everything that Stain is saying, even though he is clearly still positioning himself as an antagonist for all heroes. The reason for getting behind everything Stain says is how unshakable Stain’s belief in what All Might forever represents. There is a zealot nature to how Stain is dedicated to All Might being such the definition of a superhero that he believes All Might to be God.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326 Who Are You Really
All Might legacy as the Symbol Of Peace continues to be carried on as shown in My Hero Academia Chapter 326. Click for full page view.

Which all makes how offended Stain is that Toshinori is in such a state a slap in the face to what All Might stood for. Even when Toshinori transforms into All Might for a brief moment Stain firmly points out that Toshinori is not the hero known as the Symbol of Peace. Toshinori has given into the darkness from the chaotic state of world and Stain makes that clear.

This all makes the impact the woman that shows up to clean up the All Might statue an even more powerful statement. As Stain speaks about, the woman, like many others, still believe in the legacy that Toshinori created as All Might. Digging in further to talk about how the embers that Toshinori left behind as All Might being carried on by the next generation of heroes drove home how there is still hope in the world. And that hope is represented by Izuku and the rest of Class A, who we see from the previous chapters are set up to all be heroes who can surpass All Might.

Stain as the Hero Killer being the one to open Toshinori’s eyes to this was an excellent choice. The final moment with Stain handing over information about the League of Villains and demanding Toshinori end his life was a powerful moment. Now we are left wondering what Toshinori’s next moves will be. At the same time, we also have to question what Stain’s next move will be depending on that choice that Toshinori makes in this situation.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 326 finally presented us with the long-awaited meeting between All Might and Stain. Given what has been going on in this series this meeting was unexpected but completely welcomed. Kohei Horikoshi knocked it out of the park with how he explored the legacy created by All Might and how Toshinori Nagi is still an important character for this series. All this was done while once again showing how Stain is one of the most fascinating characters in this series.

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