My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Zygotes Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Review – U.A. High School Traitor Revealed!

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Zygotes Review

Kohei Horikoshi has been on another level with his work on My Hero Academia the last few months. The epic clash of All For One-Tomura Shigaraki vs Star And Stripe was as big of a fight we have seen take place in My Hero Academia. Now in the direct aftermath we see that while Star And Stripe was able to deal a massive blow to All For One by destroying several stolen Quirks within Tomura Shigaraki the rest of the world’s heroes have decided to not assist Japan any further to protect their respective countries. With All For One still being a massive threat how will Class 1-A and the rest of Japan’s Pro Heroes deal with the situation at hand? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 335.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Toshinori Yagi tells Class 1-A about what happened and that Star And Stripe bought them all at least a week before Tomura Shigaraki can return as a threat. During this time the Pro Heroes will continue prepare to deal with all threats and protect the citizens.

Toshinori then explains that Shigaraki, All For One, Dabi, Himiko Toga, six remaining High-End Nomus, and remnants of the Liberation Front are just part of the threats as the League of Villains are recruiting more allies.

Because of this the teachers of UA High School will continue to train Class 1-A and other students to be ready when called upon.

Everyone in Class 1-A reveals that while All Might was away from UA High School following Izuku Midoriya they’ve all been training to be able to fight. Hearing all this Toshinori is confident in what Class 1-A is a mighty force to behold.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Zygotes Review
Toshinori Yagi places all his trust in Class 1-A in the fight against All For One and the League of Villains in My Hero Academia Chapter 335. Click for full page view.

Elsewhere, Tomura Shigaraki’s anger with the pain he is feeling after his fight with Star And Stripe. Shigaraki rage continues to intensify as he is now dead set on killing everyone in the world to completely wipe away the memory of All Might. All For One has his medical team help Shigaraki recover from all the damage he suffered.

All For One then speaks with Dabi, who is frustrated that his dad (Endeavor) is living another day. All For One says he is still confident that all the routes he has created through the connections he’s built over the years that his ultimate goal will be achieved. All For One then reveals that he still has his spy within UA High School monitoring Izuku Midoriya and others.

A light coming from UA High School suddenly appears. The light leads us to a silhouette of Toru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl, is seen as All For One tells Dabi “But what I have that you lack, Toya, are friends to spare.” End of chapter.

The Good: What makes My Hero Academia Chapter 335 is that it has the tone of a reset chapter to allow the readers and characters of the series a chance to catch their breathe. But even in a slower chapter there is a lot of quality character work that gets you further invested in what will happen in the future. Which all leads to a jaw dropping ending that Kohei Horikoshi knocks out of the park with its impact.

Given how much of a focus Tomura Shigaraki and All For One has been this year for My Hero Academia there needed to a reset to remind the reader of everything our heroes have to fight. That is exactly what Horikoshi does with Toshinori Yagi’s speech to Class 1-A as we are reminded of all the threats that continue to exist beyond All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. No doubt they are main antagonists of this series but they are not the only villains that’s made My Hero Academia such a strong world. Villains like Dabi and Himiko Toga have their own stories still to tell even if they haven’t appeared during most of the year.

Focusing in on Dabi was particularly important as his past as Endeavor’s eldest son, Toya Todoroki, is a major reason why the My Hero Academia Universe is in the state it is in now. His conversation with All For One further pushes the fact that what he did in revealing the truth about Endeavor was just one part of his plan. Dabi is still motivated to end Endeavor and his legacy for good.

Making the scene even more interesting was how All For One constantly called Dabi “Toya.” The tone that All For One took was very much treating Dabi as a child he can still manipulate. Which is how All For One views everyone in the world as everything is one big chess game that he views that he’ll be the inevitable victor of. The arrogance he speaks with just feeds into how even as impacted as his plan was by Star And Stripe, All For One has plenty of fallback plans in place that he will still be a major threat even without Tomura Shigaraki usable at the moment.

Which brings us to the big reveal that Toru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl, is very likely the traitor that All For One planted at UA High School. The UA High School traitor is a sub-plot that hasn’t been brought up since Principle Nezu and staff came to a consensus that they no longer suspected since Chapter 242 of the series back in 2019. Now it is clear that Horikoshi did that meeting between Principle Nezu and All Might to get us all comfortable in their no longer being a suspected traitor.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 Zygotes Review
Toru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl, looks to be the rumored U.A. High School traitor working for All For One as shown in My Hero Academia Chapter 335. Click for full page view.

The traitor turning out to be Toru Hagakure works on so many levels. For one, she is one of the least developed characters in Class 1-A so her turning out to be a traitor wouldn’t feel like a betrayal of who we know her to be. She has also been shown to be on friendly terms with everyone in class. Then there is her Invisible Quirk powers which could easily help explain how she has likely been active in more events that have taken place in My Hero Academia than we even know. It could very well give us a different look at classic My Hero Academia scenes if we get Toru Hagakure’s perspective on how things played out.

As big of development as Toru Hagakure possibly being the UA High School traitor is it was good that wasn’t the only big development for Class 1-A. As Katsuki Bakugo and the others revealed to All Might, they have in fact been training since Izuku Midoriya left UA High School and Toshinori followed him. This is important as it shows that Class 1-A wasn’t just obsessed with getting Deku back and they used the brief time jump to all improve. That further pushes the fact that every student in Class 1-A should be viewed as a superhero as they each strive to stand strong individuals in their respective hero’s journey.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: With how intense things have been with the All For One-Tomura Shigaraki vs Star And Stripe along with the direct aftermath of said fight there needed to be a calm down chapter. Which is exactly what we got for the most part with chapter 335 of My Hero Academia. But even as things slow down a bit for both sides Kohei Horikoshi still has some jaw dropping surprises for fans to be even more excited about the future of this series.

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