My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Villain

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Review – Truth Of U.A. High School Traitor

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Villain

Just as things looked like things were calming down after Star And Stripe sacrifice took Tomura Shigaraki off the table for the time being another major development took place in My Hero Academia Chapter 335. That development came from the dormant U.A. High School traitor since Chapter 242 of My Hero Academia. All signs point to Toru Hagakure, aka Invisible Girl, being the U.A. High School traitor working for All For One. How will this latest development impact the rest of the series moving forward? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 336.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

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Synopsis: Katsuki Bakugo shows Izuku Midoriya the new level of control he has of his Quirk during a Class 1-A sparring session.

At the same time, Shoto Todoroki is trying to improve combining his fire and ice Quirks to prepare to fight his big brother Dabi in the future.

Denki Kaminari wonders why they don’t take it ease since Tomura Shigaraki is out of commission and the Pro Heroes have captured Gigantomachia. Bakugo and Momo Yaoyorozu bring up the three reasons why they can’t take it ease:

  1. While the Pro Heroes have tracked down the Nomu Hangars, Shigaraki’s Hideout, and All For One’s secret labs they have never been able to find All For One since the fight with All Might
  2. The Pro Heroes forces are half of what they were when Shigaraki’s body wasn’t complete during that fight.
  3. The villains still have control of when the war will begin even without Shigaraki having his Search Quirk so the Pro Heroes need every available able body to have a chance in the upcoming battles.
My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Villain
Katsuki Bakugo and Momo Yaoyorozu explain why All For One and the villains are a threat in My Hero Academia Chapter 336. Click for full page view.

Hearing all this Izuku decides to take a walk with things have calmed down with the refugees ever since Ochaco Uraraka speech.

In the forest area Toru Hagakure, while hiding, Yuga Aoyama talking with his parents about a new order from All For One must be completed by Yuga or else they’ll be killed. Seeing Yuga crying terrified Yuga’s parents try to get him to continue fulfilling the All For One’s orders just like he did during the Forest Training Camp.

Yuga’s parents go on to say they only ever wanted Yuga to be happy which is why they turned to All For One to give the Quirkless Yuga a Quirk to live out his dream. They then go on to say while they didn’t expect things to turn out this way they are way to deep working for All For One to turn back.

Yuga has a hard time accepting this as after All Might defeated All For One during the Kamino Incident he though he could live a normal life with his friends at U.A. High School. Yuga’s parents tell Yuga that he has to save them.

Izuku, who was told everything by Toru, comes out of hiding to confront Yuga. Izuku mentions how he noticed Yuga looking off lately which is why he came looking for him. With tears streaming down his face Yuga reveals that he is the traitor who led the villains to USJ and the Forest Training Camp. Yuga then says that “I am a despicable villain,” while remembering when he left the message “I know” written in cheese outside Izuku’s room. End of chapter.

The Good: Kohei Horikoshi did not disappoint with the reveal of who the U.A. High School traitor turned out to be. The swerve at the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 335 nicely set up the surprise we got in Chapter 336 that delved into why the traitor is Yuga Aoyama.

Something that becomes apparent while reading My Hero Academia Chapter 336 is the sense of complacency that Horikoshi created with the U.A. High School traitor sub-plot. There was a sense that the traitor story was put to bed back in Chapter 242. Which was only made greater by how much we’ve gotten to learn about the cast on both sides of the conflict and all the big battles that have happened in My Hero Academia since then.

Which is why coming back to the U.A. High school traitor has such a great impact. First there is the swerve that it is not Toru Hagakure, which was a great way to play with fans expectations based on her being in the final page of Chapter 335. Then there is the fact that we do get a full dive into the true backstory for Yuga Aoyama and his family. These two factors made the entire reveal as hit as hard as it possibly could.

Best of all Horikoshi does not betray the glimpse of Yuga’s backstory that was provided in Chapter 168. Rather, My Hero Academia Chapter 336 acts a full dive into what Yuga chose to reveal about himself to Izuku Midoriya in that time. This made how emotional Yuga constantly got throughout his scenes with his parents and how that made him remember his childhood even more engrossing.

Adding in the fact that Yuga, like Izuku, was actually Quirkless and that in his parents desperation to give their son a Quirk turned to All For One to give Yuga a chance to live out his dream to be a hero even more heartbreaking. Drawing the similarities to Izuku’s own Quirkless past and how Inko Midoriya tried her best to be supportive about the decisions Izuku makes. This further drove home how Yuga’s parents just went the extreme route to give Yuga a happy life rather than just being emotionally supportive like Inko was with Izuku.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Villain
Yuga Aoyama parents explain the truth about how he got his Quirk from All For One in My Hero Academia Chapter 336. Click for full page view.

All of this gave both Yuga and his parents a sense of honesty with what they were each saying as the threat of All For One hangs over their head. You could feel how this is an endless cycle that Yuga and his parents have found themselves in. It all made the visual of Yuga’s face covered in his own tears an effective emotional beat.

Which just further drive homes the fact that All For One truly is the ultimate villain of this series. Even without lifting a finger he is causing chaos in every corner of My Hero Academia. Given Izuku’s shocked reaction it will be very interesting to see where this traitor story will go.

At the same time, it is good to see the threat of All For One being understood by most of Class 1-A. Katsuki Bakugo and Momo Yaoyorozu explaining to Denki Kaminari why they must continue to train as hard as possible showed great growth for these characters. Showcasing Bakugo, Momo, and Shoto specifically is a reminder of how these three have some of the deepest experiences fighting the villains in Class 1-A. Especially compared to Denki, whose only real experience was USJ and the Gigantomachia fight, having characters like Bakugo, Momo, and Shoto step up as leaders in the class is very much needed.

The Bad: Nothing

Overall: Kohei Horikoshi continues the excellent storytelling in My Hero Academia with Chapter 336. Even as things look to be calming down Horikoshi throws something big our way to keep interest in what happens next as high as possible. The reveal that Yuga Aoyama is the U.A. High School traitor was executed very well. The dive into Yuga’s family history with All For One added to how emotionally impactful this reveal was. It’ll definitely be interesting where Horikoshi goes next as we come close to the end of the year.

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