My Hero Academia Chapter 366 Full Moon

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 Review – “Full Moon”

My Hero Academia returns after a one-week break in a stop where we really don’t know where Kohei Horikoshi is going next. The previous chapter ended with Tomura Shigaraki using one of his Quirks as All For One to create horrifying versions of his family when he was Tenko Shimura coming out of his body. So if he wasn’t a scary villain as the new All For One we are seeing Shigaraki fully morph into the Demon Lord that All For One has been calling him. With very few heroes left standing to fight back what will happen? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter #366 “Full Moon.”


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Tomura Shigaraki morphs his body to have large hands all over his body and his fingers morphed to look like his family when he was still Tenko Shimura. Shigaraki then knocks out Mirko, Suneater, and Nejire-Chan in quick succession.

Best Jeanist does his best to use his Quirk ability to hold Shigaraki at bay.

As that is going Lemillion is left fearful of seeing his friends and allies all fall to Shigaraki. Mirio wonders if this is the future that Nighteye saw for him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 Full Moon
Lemillion is left shocked after Tomura Shigaraki defeats Mirko, Suneater, and Nejire-Chan in My Hero Academia Chapter 366. Credit: VIZ Media

Mandalay uses her Telepath Quirk to let Lemillion and Best Jeanist they need to hold Shigaraki back as the electromagnetic barrier will drop for two seconds.

Hearing this Mirio thinks that two seconds is an eternity. Remembering his time with Nighteye, Mirio thinks about how he was able to make his mentor laugh. As Lemillion he does his Full Moon Risin’ Tonight move, showing Shigaraki his butt at close range. This completely stops Shigaraki for the two seconds needed.

Deku then suddenly charges into U.A. High School. Deku immediately dropkicks Shigaraki as soon as the villain notices him. End of chapter.


When taking a look at My Hero Academia Chapter 366 not much happens that we haven’t already seen in this fight with Tomura Shigaraki. We once again have another hero, this time Lemillion, questioning what they can do against the unstoppable Shigaraki. It isn’t until the final few pages that it does feel we got into the new content that is going to push this story arc forward.

Repeating the work we’ve seen for other characters wasn’t completely a bad thing. One of the strengths of The Final Act Saga is how Kohei Horikoshi has dedicated time to getting inside the mentality different heroes and villains have as this story progresses. It’s helped me get over how this isn’t simply a story that is about Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. The ramifications from The Final Act Saga will impact the futures of all the characters we’ve seen in this series thus far.

We get that with how Mirio as Lemillion gets the spotlight this time around. Unlike in other appearances, we get a Lemillion that is left shaken after seeing how Shigaraki new form made all his friends look like insects to be swatted away. This was not the uber-confident Lemillion we saw not back down in his fight against Overhaul even when he lost his Quirk.

It helped to highlight how Mirio, even for all the potential he still has, is a young hero who is just getting started. Being placed in a spot where he could do nothing but use his Quirk to avoid Shigaraki’s attack while seeing his friends not be so lucky would shake anyone. It gave a reason for why in such a desperate thought Lemillion would immediately go into thinking about Nighteye and what his mentor meant to him. And while this led to Lemillion pulling off a Naruto-like move it at least made sense for how Horikoshi built the character to be one of the more light-hearted characters in this series.

What did not work as well as intended was that we’ve seen this same type of character arc within a chapter repeated over and over again during the battle with Shigaraki and All For One. You end up losing out on feeling that this was a special moment of growth for Lemillion because so many other young and veteran heroes have had similar type character arc chapters dedicated to them in this story arc already. So the impact that Horikoshi is going for just does not work as he may have hoped.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 Full Moon
Izuku Midoriya immediately attacks Tomura Shigaraki when arriving at the UA High School battlefield in My Hero Academia Chapter 366. Credit: VIZ Media

That said what Horikoshi absolutely nailed was the artwork throughout My Hero Academia Chapter 366. Horikoshi made Shigaraki’s new All For One form look absolutely terrifying. The new form with the Shimura Family becoming his fingers while larger hands covered his body made Shigaraki look like the Demon Lord that All For One has been saying he was. Adding to Shigaraki’s terrifying new form was how desperately Mirko, Suneater, Nejire-Chan, Best Jeanist, and Lemillion had to fight.

Suddenly introducing the fact that Best Jeanist and Lemillion had to buy Mandalay and the others two seconds so Deku could enter U.A. High School added to the tension the artwork was getting over. It all led to Horikoshi delivering one of his best sequences to date with Deku suddenly showing up. Those final pages from Shigaraki spotting Deku to getting up close shots of both of them to Deku’s lightning-fast attack were fantastically choreographed. It got me even more excited to read future chapters to see how things go next.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 366 is all about the final pages. We’ve seen this type of character work done so many times with Kohei Horikoshi not doing anything new in terms of presentation. But that it’s in the final pages where all the hype returns with Izuku Midoriya’s big return to the action. Now bring on the next chapter already!

Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10