My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Review - Deku vs. All For One

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Review – Deku vs. All For One

Thinks have constantly been escalating as the fight between All For One Tomura Shigaraki and all the heroes at U.A. High School’s floating fortress. Shigaraki’s latest evolution as All For One took things to a new level as he completely decimated the heroes who were fighting for him. But thanks to Lemillion and Best Jeanist buying the heroes some time Deku has finally arrived to fight Shigaraki. Is Izuku Midoriya’s arrival a little too late? Or is it what was needed to turn everything around? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 367.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


In a flashback, Ethan Drive leads Star and Stripe’s Air Force crew to help Deku get to the U.A. High School Flying Fortress. On the way, Ethan tells Deku they didn’t return to the United States as commanded by their superior officer because Star and Stripe wagered everything on Izuku Midoriya as the inheritor of All Might’s power.

In the present, after Deku hits All For One Tomura Shigaraki with a powerful dropkick. All For One (who is still in control of Shigaraki) realizes the energy flowing from Deku is Fa Jin’s (the third One For All user) Quirk.

Deku is shocked when he sees Katsuki Bakugo on the ground lifeless with the blood-covered All Might card next to him. Looking at the entire decimated battlefield Deku is left in greater shock at seeing Nejire Chan, Suneater, and Mirko also heavily injured and motionless on the ground.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Review - Deku vs. All For One
Deku is left in complete shock at how life-threatening states Dynamight, Nejire Chan, Suneater, and Mirko are in My Hero Academia Chapter 367. Credit: VIZ Media

All For One through Shigaraki mocks Izuku for showing up late and taunts him into making an excuse for showing up late like all heroes do to run away from taking responsibility.

Angered by all he sees and All For One’s taunting all of the Quirks Deku has along with One For All causes a large amount of energy to flow out of his body wildly.

Lemillion rushes toward Deku to yell at him that Edgeshot is working on saving Bakugo’s life and they have not lost anyone so they have not given up fighting.

Remembering All For One’s heroic speech, Ethan Drive’s talk of Star and Stripe’s sacrifice, and Daigoro Banjo’s (the fifth One For All user) words about controlling one’s emotions, Deku regains control of his Quirks.

Now refocused Deku calls out All For One to ask if Shigaraki still exists in that body as the spirits of all the One For All users appear behind Izuku. End of chapter.


My Hero Academia Chapter 367 doesn’t deliver the teased physical fight that is promised when looking at the title being Deku vs All For One. Instead, the fight in this chapter is one of the words from All For One as the villain does what he has long been known for, mentally beating the heroes with his words. Given all that has gone down in the fight at the U.A. High School Flying Fortress, this was the best decision Kohei Horikoshi could make for the way this entire story has gone.

By focusing most of this chapter on how Izuku Midoriya takes in what has happened we get a better look at the impact of the fight at U.A. High School Flying Fortress. Izuku is a fresh perspective as his shock at seeing all the heroes, including Katsuki Bakugo, who have been fighting All For One Tomura Shigaraki have been left in a state where they are barely clinging to life would terrify anyone. These all being Izuku’s friends and mentors add so much more to what’s gone down because they are all people Deku is connected to.

Which all further showcases how terrifying of a villain All For One is. Because while Deku had the advantage of a surprise first attack All For One knew he could use the results of his battle with the other heroes to break Izuku mentally. In doing so All For One would immediately turn the battle from the very beginning to his advantage as Deku’s enraged state would make him completely predictable and easy to kill. It all drives home how unapologetically evil All For One and doing all this while using Shigaraki’s body adds to that villainous aura.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Review - Deku vs. All For One
Star And Stripe’s crew help Deku reach the U.A. Flying Fortress in My Hero Academia Chapter 367. Credit: VIZ Media

Lemillion stepping up to be the one to give Izuku the words of encouragement and hope that he needed to hear was a great balancing out of All For One’s taunts. As the one still standing and having seen everything Lemillion is the best one to communicate everything to Izuku. Lemillion’s words actually reaching Izuku shows how much respect and trust he has for Mirio. It all made Izuku’s refocused powered-up One For All form look even more badass.

Further building anticipation to see how this entire fight will turn out is Deku calling out All For One when asking if Tomura Shigaraki is still somewhere in that body. The spirits of the previous One For All users further hint at how the Vestige World will play a major role in how this fight will turn out. Given how we’ve seen Tenko Shimura’s family has continued to play a role in Shigaraki’s current mental state this isn’t a big surprise. What will likely be the surprise is what we will see happen inside the Vestige World which is tough to predict with the flow of this battle thus far.

Leading into all of this, I was happy to see Horikoshi continuing to emphasize the importance of Star and Stripe sacrifice. Even though she wasn’t seen in this series for a long time Horikoshi has continued to show how Star and Stripe is a character that is just as important as All Might. She was the one, like Izuku Midoriya, who carried All Might will as a Symbol of Peace. Her impact on the story continuing to be felt as her Air Force team helps Deku reach the U.A. High School Flying Fortress was a fantastic moment that hypes up the rest of this chapter.


My Hero Academia Chapter 367 is a strong start to the Deku vs All For One. Kohei Horikoshi places even greater importance to all the fighting at the U.A. High School Flying Fortress through Izuku Midoriya’s reaction to the results. How this leads towards All For One and Lemillion each motivating Deku in their own way created even greater hype to see this epic fight go down in the following chapters.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10