My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Review - "The Story Of How We All Became Heroes"

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Review – “The Story Of How We All Became Heroes”

Kohei Horikoshi has been delivering surprises throughout the Final War arc, from major story developments to character returns. For 2023 Horikoshi kicked off the new year with the return of La Brava changing things back to possibly turn around for our heroes. The heroes definitely needed something to finally go their way with how All For One has completely flipped everything on its head as all his planning has paid off. La Brava returning to help the heroes was certainly an unexpected way for our heroes to get their door of opportunity finally opening. Let’s find out how things go next with My Hero Academia Chapter 378.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


La Brava hacks completely into Skeptic system and helps Naomasa Tsukauchi’s Task Force regain control of U.A. High School system.

This does not stop U.A. High School floating fortress from falling.

It’s just then that Gentle, with La Brava and Tsukauchi, reappears and uses his full power to keep the fortress from falling with Gentle Super-Lover technique.

Gentle Criminal and La Brava Return
Gentle and La Brava team up to help the heroes in My Hero Academia Chapter 378. Credit: VIZ Media

Seeing all this go down Tomura Shigaraki prepares to use his Decay Quirk to ensure the fortress’ freefall continues.

Before he can touch the ground Lady Nagant, from the other side of the city, fires a bullet that cuts off Shigaraki’s left arm. End of chapter


No matter how random the story arc or character may have felt it’s clear Kohei Horikoshi has had a plan with everything he has done in My Hero Academia. If that wasn’t clear before then how Horikoshi brings back La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia Chapter 378 should be proof of that.

Something we’ve seen throughout the last few years of My Hero Academia is how the heroes are constantly fighting from behind as All For One has created a complex plan to conquer the world. Even when the heroes have been able to gain the upper hand things have been quickly turning to the villains’ side because of All For One’s planning. For the first time, it did not feel that way when it came to La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant’s reappearance in this chapter.

This speaks to the type of character arcs that Horikoshi gave La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant during their respective stories. With the three of these characters, we saw how their villain arc was the reverse of what most of those on All For One and Tomura Shigaraki’s side. Even as they fell into the darkness the heroic side of their respective characters was still somewhere within La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant that Izuku Midoriya was able to reach. Just from their appearance here we see how whether he knows it or not Midoriya did change the direction for La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant through his words and actions during the fight he had with them.

Starting off with Gentle and La Brava, Horikoshi does a great job continuing to show how both of them have undying love and support for one another. The flashback to the Tartarus prison breakout is especially effective in showing how Gentle really was never a villain. He just fell down that path that he was never fully invested in. Seeing what a true villain like All For One is actually like turned things for Gentle to make a decision for him to ultimately find his way to the heroic path.

With Gentle’s turnaround, we see how La Brava is exactly who the heroes needed on their side. With how Skeptic has done so much damage to our heroes through his hacking skills the heroes needed a counter. That is where La Brava, who Horikoshi previously established as being an extremely skilled hacker, skills were what the heroes needed. La Brava’s action worked in synch with Gentle’s big moment as he used his Quirk powers to ensure what La Brava did to help the heroes was completely successful.

Lady Nagant Return
Lady Nagant makes her big return in My Hero Academia Chapter 378. Credit: VIZ Media

Continuing with signs of a turnaround for our heroes is that in a moment where Tomura Shigaraki would quickly undo all of Gentle and La Brava’s hard work Lady Nagant appears out of nowhere. Horikoshi knew how Lady Nagant’s return had to be big with how he concluded her arc before. That’s exactly what we see here as Lady Nagant gets a badass return with her one-shotting Shigaraki’s arm clean off from across the city. Horikoshi nailed the presentation for Lady Nagant to instantly remind the reader she is one of the most badass characters in My Hero Academia.

Another interesting note for My Hero Academia Chapter 378 is the title. Horikoshi brings back “The Story of How We All Became Heroes” title as this acts as the fourth part of that story. This ties back to the end of the UA Traitor Arc with Horikoshi using “The Story of How We All Became Heroes” title for My Hero Academia Chapter 338 to 341. In Chapters 338 to 340 the title was used for Yuga Aoyama’s reveal as the traitor and talk Shota Aizawa had about still believing in his student. Then in Chapter 341 rather than be part four of the story it actually used “Part Minus 1” in the title. With that in mind, you do have to wonder if “The Story of How We All Became Heroes” title will be used again for other characters like Himeko Toga when the focus returns to her.


My Hero Academia Chapter 378 did a fantastic job delivering big returns that truly made a difference for our heroes to not lose their hope. Kohei Horikoshi showed how long-term planning is paying off with how effective La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant returns were executed in this chapter. Now after what happened here, there is even more excitement for what else Horikoshi has planned for the rest of this story.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10