My Hero Academia Chapter 393 - A Girl's Ego

My Hero Academia Chapter 393 Review – “A Girl’s Ego”

Things have gotten quite intense with in the fight Himiko Toga. Things took a turn for the worst for our heroes as Himiko, growing more unstable, powers grew even stronger as her Twice duplicates were able to use her Quirk powers to transform into all the heroes. Now there is no telling friend from foe, at least not quickly enough. With such a chaotic situation is there anything that can stop Himiko’s rampage? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 393.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Sometime in the past when Twice brings up the fact that Himiko Toga and Tomura Shigaraki have not given themselves villain names Tomura says the whole concept of codenames is what led their world becoming like a comic book. Himiko, with a wicked smile on her face, says she is fine living as “Himiko Toga.”

In the present, Himiko yells at Uravity is just taking pity on her by using Zero Gravity to keep them both afloat even when this is a “winner-takes-all survival match.”

Himiko pushes her powers further by using Twice’s Sad Man’s Legion to unleash a great wave of clones of all the heroes.

Himiko Toga Sad Man's Legion - My Hero Academia Chapter 393
Himiko Toga using Sad Man’s Legion seems to prove Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory is real in My Hero Academia Chapter 393. Credit: Viz Media

While flying over the battlefield, one of the news reporters view Himiko’s use of her Quirk as the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory (Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s theory about Quirks eventually growing too powerful and complicated to control by anyone).

Uravity uses Gun-Head Martial Arts to make it through the Sad Man’s Legion that Himiko sent after her. As she does this Uravity says she knows she pushed Himiko away once she can’t pretend she did not see Himiko’s perfect smile when talking about love.

Uravity’s Zero Gravity Quirk power suddenly reaches everyone in the area, even those she is not touching.

With no one between them Uravity reaches out to Himiko while stating she will give Himiko a lifetime’s worth of her blood so they can talk about romance. End of chapter.


For as much as can be said about the messy pacing of The Final War Arc it has all come together for the last dozen chapters. All the set-up Kohei Horikoshi has done was to make the main members of the League of Villains to have final boss-level energy. We already seen that in the big character arc payoff battles for Spinner and Dabi. Now we are getting that with Himiko Toga.

Credit to Horikoshi’s long-term plot planning to build the character arcs for the League of Villains around the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory. While not always mentioned, we have seen continued hints that the way Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Himiko Toga, and Spinner have pushed their Quirks limits during The Final War Arc that indicates that Dr. Kyudai Garaki’s theory is correct. And with My Hero Academia Chapter 393 we see once again how that theory being true is a terrifying thing with how Himiko’s Quirk seems to grow in power.

Like Spinner and Dabi before her, we see that Himiko’s Quirk power growing is closely tied to her own emotions. With everything she has been through and done in her life all that made the moment Himiko used Twice’s Doubles Quirk be the thing that sent her over the edge. Because by doing so she pushed her own Quirk beyond its limits and causing a mental strain that was just made her mental health worse. Now she can only feel as though she can be ruled by her negative emotions, as she yelled about the “winner-takes-all survival match” she and Ochaco Uraraka are in.

This in turn led Horikoshi to highlight once again how terrifying a Quirk reaching an overpowered state can be. Himiko elevated even as a threat when unleashing the Sad Man’s Legion and transforming all the clones into Midoriya and everyone else she has met. Which is saying something, as Himiko was already tapping into the horror villain element of her power in the previous chapter as we saw her Doubles clones transforming into other heroes on the battlefield.

With all of this going on Horikoshi further established how the battle with Himiko is a personal one for Ochaco. This personal battle is a running theme with the League of Villains. We’ve seen it with Hawks vs Twice, Dabi vs Shoto, and Shigaraki vs Midoriya. Horikoshi has once again done so with Himiko vs Ochaco as Uraraka shows she is trying to speak to Toga while standing next to each other.

Ochaco Uraraka Zero Gravity Full Power - My Hero Academia Chapter 393
Ochaco Uraraka unleashes a new level of power of her Zero Gravity Quirk in My Hero Academia Chapter 393. Credit: Viz Media

In the face of being told what is normally expected outcome of a hero vs villain fight it was great to see how Ochaco’s own power grew to match the nature of this battle. In the way that Himiko’s Quirk growth was terrifying, Ochaco’s Zero Gravity Quirk getting a boast power visually came across as one of a sign of hope. This in turn made Ochaco’s words about wanting to talk about romance and everything else with Himiko come across as more honest.

Through it all we also got to see Ochaco’s training continue to be paid off. Ochaco has seen some of the most development for a character outside of Midoriya and Bakugo. Seeing that growth continue as she once again utilized Gun-Head Martial Arts to make her way through Himiko’s Sad Man’s Legion was great. It showed the versatility Ochaco has when using her power and how far she has come since her character introduction.

The only thing that in My Hero Academia Chapter 393 that did not work was the opening pages. The whole flashback featuring the League of Villains discussing codenames felt like recycled material. We’ve seen these conversations already and this happening again did not give better insight into Himiko. All it did was fill a page count that this chapter needed to hit. Instead, this page count could’ve easily gone to showing the heroes struggle against all the Twice clones turning into them.


Outside of a rehashed opening flashback scene, My Hero Academica Chapter 393 further elevated Himiko Toga with the final boss-level energy. How this both pushed Himiko and Ochaco Uraraka worked well to push their respective character arcs forward together. With all that goes on the investment level in finding out how things ultimately turn out continues to grow.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10