My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Trash Cleanup

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Review – “Trash Cleanup”

All Might made his big return with the help from special Iron Man-like armor to take on All For One. All Might showed that even without his One For All Quirk he is able to fight All For One on an even playing field. This has been big for helping out Izuku Midoriya as the longer All For One takes to reach Shigaraki the more time is running out before he cannot execute his plot. Will All Might be successful is stopping All For One? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 397.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Feeling his age of being over 50 years old, All Might laughs he is beating up such a “helpless lad” in All For One. All Might mockingly asks One For All how it feels getting his ass kicked by a Quirkless person.

All For One combines the power of various Quirks to blast All Might through several buildings. All Might is able to protect himself utilizing “Utility Cape Auto-Guard: Dark Shadow” cape shield, which has now been destroyed.

All For One gloats that even with his armor All Might can’t go beyond his limits.

Thinking back to his first meting with Nana Shimura, who after defeating a horde of villains asked a young Toshinori Yagi if he planned to use a lead pipe to win.

Back in the present, All Might attacks All For One but is blasted away for his efforts. End of chapter.


As we’ve seen with past shorter chapters Kohei Horikoshi knows how to maximize the page count as show with My Hero Academia Chapter 397. There is certainly a feeling that this is a transition chapter but what is said between All Might and All For One is something that was needed to get to the next point in the story.

Specifically, what My Hero Academia Chapter 397 gets over is the feelings both All Might and All For One are feeling in this moment. It’s never really mentioned but All Might is an older hero. At age 50 he was the Symbol of Peace for decades. It is a reminder of how the state of the modern-day hero society was something that had been going on for multiple generations of children.

Toshinori Yagi first meeting with Nana Shimura - My Hero Academia Chapter 397
Toshinori Yagi remembers his first meeting with his master, Nana Shimura, as shown in a flashback in My Hero Academia Chapter 397. Credit: Viz Media

This was all a small mention but it did emphasize how even when he is now Quirkless that All Might is able to tap into the Symbol of Peace attitude without missing a beat. We see that with how All Might uses the remnants of the All For One Quirk within him to fuel his drive to fight. The constant smile on his face isn’t just an act. He genuinely feels this is his nature as All Might, the protector of the world.

All Might’s attitude is complemented by the continued overconfidence of All For One. We see that with how after launching his Quirk combo attack All For One continues to mock All Might. All For One knows that right now the only reason All Might is able to fight him is the armor the hero is wearing. With the current state of his abilities All For One feels he has more time than All Might.

All For Once comments triggering All Might’s memory of first meeting his master, Nana Shimura, was a great way to bring things back to the start. Flashing back to first meeting with Nana does speak to how this is the end, possibly of All Might. Horikoshi is doing an effective job bringing things full circle as the sense of urgency in the story continues to pick up. Given how things are going having another flashback showing Toshinori and Nana during their mentor and protégé period would be great to see.


My Hero Academia Chapter 397 is a short but effective chapter. What is driving both All Might and All For One is properly showcased. A key flashback adds to how we are closer to the end of this story.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10