My Hero Academia Chapter 405 - The Final Boss!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 405 Review – “The Final Boss!!”

My Hero Academia has been marching to the end in the hypest way possible. As we got the end of the All Might vs All For One fight we have seen the rise of the next generation. We saw another instance of that next generation time being now as Katsuki Bakugo saved All Might from certain death at the hands of All For One. With Bakugo back on the playing field can the final battle against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki turn around? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 405.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


While coming in and out of consciousness All Might sees Sir Nighteye spirit tell him that he was supposed to die against All For One but his fate was reshaped. When All Might mentions that a mentor is supposed to die after passing on the torch Sir Nighteye makes fun of him for having read to many comic books in his life.

All Might wakes up to see Dynamight, much to the joy of everyone watching on TV (including Katsuma and Mahoro from the Heroes: Rising movie), having successfully save him.

Katsuki Bakugo saves All Might - My Hero Academia Chapter 405
Katsuki Bakugo successfully saves All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 405. Credit: Viz Media

Dynamight starts coughing up blood. Out of the last remaining thread Edgeshot speaks to Bakugo that the blood he coughed up should actually provide some relief. Edgeshot goes on to say that while he made sure his organs are fully repaired that every action Bakugo takes will cause him hellish agony if he does not rest.

Bakugo thanks Edgeshot for bringing him back. Edgeshot says that it was because Bakugo has honed his powers his entire life that he was able to rise back up.

All Might then asks Bakugo for his arm. All Might gives Bakugo what remains of his last gauntlet from his armor to provide a brace for Bakugo. All Might dos this while calling Bakugo by his full name “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.”

Seeing this from afar All For One is left bewildered by how things have not gone as he planned. A flash of all the heroes who have gotten in his way go through All For One’s mind.

Before All For One can rush to hijack Tomura Shigaraki he is suddenly attacked by Dynamight. Dynamight declares that he is All For One’s final boss. Dynamight then unleashes a blast at point blank rage that sends All For One crashing onto the ground below. End of chapter.


Between My Hero Academia Chapter 403 to Chapter 405 they were really one chapter in two. These last three chapters have been driving home that the next generation of heroes time is now. While older heroes will still be around Izuku Midoriya’s generation has proven they are ready to stand up. Katsuki Bakugo’s spotlight in the last three chapters have proven that.

The opening for My Hero Academia Chapter 405 was a good way to get into the mentality that Toshinori Yagi as he took up his All Might mantle again to take on All For One. For Toshinori this wasn’t just his final fight as All Might but this was going to be the final act in his life. Which goes back to how Sir Nighteye’s premonition of his death for continuing as All Might beyond his limits was in Toshinori’s mind.

Sir Nighteye’s spirit coming back at Toshinori to remind him that fate can and has been reshaped was an excellently done. This once again calls back to how Izuku Midoriya showed Sir Nighteye that no fate is set in stone. Sir Nighteye saying this along with reminding Toshinori’s promise to live for Midoriya’s sake all hit a strong emotional note to start off the chapter.

This transitioned well into how it was Bakugo who saved All Might from All For One. Toshinori recognizing Bakugo as “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight” further emphasized how it’s not just one hero who is carrying All Might’s legacy. As we see later with All For One’s freak out, what our heroes have accomplished by overcoming All For One’s plan is an accumulation of all their actions. Every remaining hero has had their All Might moment with Bakugo being the latest one.

Heroes in All For One's way - My Hero Academia Chapter 405
All For One freaks out from envisioning all the heroes who have gotten in his way in My Hero Academia Chapter 405. Credit: Viz Media

Edgeshot speech to Bakugo was a great way to get the latter into the spotlight for the rest of this chapter. Horikoshi made sure to remind the readers that while Bakugo is back in action his injuries are still impacting him. Bakugo not resting after Edgeshot sacrificed his life to perform emergency surgery was not good for his body. But as Edgeshot said, it is a testament to all the work Bakugo has put into mastering his Explosion Quirk. While he will definitely need a spa weekend after all is said and done, right now Bakugo strong will keeps him standing and moving forward.

Bakugo going full Dynamight mode by declaring himself All For One’s final boss was a great way to define his role in the story. While All Might did a lot of damage to All For One it is Dynamight who really stands in the way of the villain from reaching Tomura Shigaraki. In declaring himself the final boss Dynamight is also looking to end things and not actually just be in All For One’s way. He is looking to end things and it shows with how he delivered the massive explosion attack at point blank range.

As this happens All For One seeing the image of the Second One For All User flash before his eyes ended this chapter in a strong way. Given what the Second User did in rescuing Yoichi Shigaraki, All For One’s little brother, Bakugo is doing the same for Midoriya and Toshinori. Given how we see the him, it wouldn’t be surprising that in All For One’s final moments we see the Second User name finally being revealed. It would be a cool way to bring things full circle to reveal the Second User is this way.


My Hero Academia Chapter 405 once again delivers on the hype, emotional moments. The last three chapters in particular have built well off each other to make Katsuki Bakugo’s return as Dynamight as epic as possible. Add in strong character moments with All Might and this is another home run of a chapter.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10