My Hero Academia Chapter 406 - Get a Grip on Your Quirk!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 406 Review – “Get a Grip on Your Quirk!!!”

Just as it looked like it was over for All Might it was Bakugo who stepped up to be the one to get in All For One’s way. In the process Katsuki Bakugo has made the biggest impact on the story thus far. Even with his injuries not fully being healed Bakugo is doing all he can to step up as a hero like the rest of his classmates. The question is if Bakugo will be able to do enough to take out All For One? Like the cockroach he is, All For One seems to always get up from everything the heroes throw his way. Let’s see what happens next with My Hero Academia Chapter 406: “Get A Grip On Your Quirk!!!”


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


Reports ongoing of the heroes fighting the remaining villains and saving people in danger across Japan.

Meanwhile, after Dynamight hits All For One with a powerful explosion attack Edgeshot reveals to All Might that for a moment Bakugo’s speed surpassed Tomura Shigaraki. Edgeshot goes on to say that on the brink of death Bakugo has discovered something about his Quirk.

Nearby, Deku continues to keep his distance while trying to figure out how to best fight against Shigaraki’s superhuman body and Decay Quirk. Because of that he is trying to best time the next, and final, use of the Gearshift Quirk.

All For One recovers from Dynamight’s attack and rushes towards Shigaraki. Seeing this Dynamight smiles as he has discovered how pain enhances his Explosion Quirk’s powers. Timing his explosions, Dynamight once again speeds past All For One in order to et in the villain’s way.

It’s in that moment that All For One realizes why Dynamight frustrates him so much. As Dynamight hits him with another explosion attack All Might is reminded of how similar Bakugo is to Kudo, the second One For All user. End of chapter


My Hero Academia Chapter 406 doesn’t do much to move the story along. Outside the reveal of the second One For All user’s name we mostly stay in place. In many ways this chapter, titled “Get A Grip On Your Quirk,” comes across as a filler episode to remind readers where we are at in the story.

After so many intense chapters Kohei Horikoshi slows things down a bit to give us a moment to reassess what is going on. The opening of My Hero Academia Chapter 406 is a reminder of everything we have seen go down. Horkoshi captures what the aftermath of all the giant battles would look like.

Katsuki Bakugo - My Hero Academia Chapter 406
Katsuki Bakugo gains a greater understanding of how his Explosion Quirk to continue his evolution in My Hero Academia Chapter 406. Credit: Viz Media

Nothing is clear. Heroes, villains, and civilians are injured. But even injured the heroes who can stand continue to fight and prioritize the safety of the innocent. Seeing all this is a reminder of why Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya are fighting so hard. They are keeping the spirit of their classmates and fellow heroes going to defeat All For One and Tomura Shigaraki once and for all.

That said the majority of My Hero Academia Chapter 406 just reaffirms what we already knew about the two big fights. Edgeshot talk to All Might was the same information from the previous information we learned about Bakugo’s evolving Explosion Quirk. Similarly, Midoriya is still just figuring out what he should do against the unstoppable Shigaraki so their standstill continues.

This leaves us in a spot where we end My Hero Chapter 406 in the same spot as before. The ending is even the same with Bakugo once again speeding past All For One and hitting him with another explosion attack. The only difference this time was that we got to see Bakugo’s parents witness their son step up from the TV broadcast. It did add more emotion to a moment that is otherwise a recycled scene from the previous chapter.

The only actual development we get in My Hero Academia Chapter 406 is that we finally learned the second One For All user’s name being Kudo. This is a moment that Horikoshi has been building with Kudo’s vestige being by Midoriya’s side as an advisor during the fight with Shigaraki. The reveal happening when All For One realizes why Bakugo is frustrating him so much was nicely done. Bakugo and Kudo have much more in common than their similar design. This now sets up the Bakugo vs All For One to finally kick-off as All For One will likely let his rage want to destroy everything Kudo represents.


Outside of the reveal of the second One For All user’s name My Hero Academia Chapter 406 is a filler chapter. There are a lot of reused moments from the previous few chapters. Hopefully the next chapter progresses things more than this chapter did.

Story Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10