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My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Begins Series “Epilogue Arc”

This week’s chapter of My Hero Academia was a massive one for many reasons. The biggest reason is part of the Author Notes section in Weekly Shonen Jump 2024 Issue #27 that My Hero Academia Chapter 424 released in Kohei Horikoshi confirmed he is beginning of the end for his beloved manga series. At the same time, Horikoshi made sure to emphasize this new Epilogue story arc does not mean this or the next chapter will end My Hero Academia. Rather, Horikoshi wants to explore what the world’s status quo after the heroes finally defeated All For One and Tomura Shigaraki.


My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Epilogue
Japan’s Pro Heroes work with their allies from around the world to rebuild the damage to Japan caused by the villains in My Hero Academia Chapter 424. Credit: Viz Media

With the threat of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki finally defeated once and for all My Hero Academia Chapter 424 picks up one week after the battle. It is revealed in the week since the final battle the United States and other nations have sent relief efforts to Japan. With these additional resources Japan’s heroes and their allies utilize their Quirks to begin the countries rebuild. What could’ve taken decades for Japan to recover appear to be taking only a few months.

While Japan’s recover is fast tracked the same can’t be said for some of the heroes who fought on the frontlines. One of the character’s status quo that was focused on was that of Katsuki Bakugo. It’s revealed by his doctors that while most of his body has been fixed through surgery Bakugo’s arm so much damage that he may never be able to use it. Because his Explosion Quirk utilizing his palms, rather than going through getting an arm prosthetic Bakugo decides to go through extensive physical therapy. Though Bakugo’s doctor’s slow down starting the physical therapy given that Bakugo still needs time to recover from the emergency heart surgery Edgeshot performed on him back in My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

Izuku Midoriya and All Might also heavily injured and bedridden in the hospital. During a conversation between the two Midoriya confirmed that he still feel embers of One For All inside of him. Bakugo ended up hearing Midoriya say this and was shown deeply sad his rival was returning to his Quirkless state. Nonetheless All Might thanked both Bakugo and Midoriya for being his heroes.


My Hero Academia Chapter 421 "We Are Here"
Kohei Horikoshi delivers the Avengers: Endgame moment by using he iconic series line of “We Are Here” in My Hero Academia Chapter 421. Credit: Viz Media

With all that, My Hero Academia Chapter 424 ended with an unstated time jump with a recovered, but heavily scarred, Midoriya returning to UA High School. This final page begins what will be the Epilogue story arc for the series. Horikoshi confirmed in Weekly Shonen Jump 2024 Issue #27 that My Hero Academia’s ending won’t happen in this or the next chapter simply because All For One was defeated. Based on his statement, Horikoshi does seem to have plans to explore what the state of the world is now that All For One is gone for good.

Speaking to Horikoshi’s long-term planning, there is plenty of storytelling to be had by creating a full story arc out of the Epilogue. Afterall, Horikoshi emphasized throughout The Final Act Saga how the entire concept of Pro Heroes has been destroyed. While the heroes did ultimately save the world from All For One and Tomura Shigaraki things won’t return back to before the events of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

With things not likely to go back to how they once were this gives Horikoshi a chance to explore what it means to be a hero further. We saw from the actions of Deku and his friends that what the world needs are heroes who are in it to protect and save people not those looking for fame and fortune that comes with the Pro Hero profession. No doubt with how Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, and the rest of Class 1-A stepped up during the The Final War Arc they will be key people in helping shape this new future for heroes.

There is also the major story of the status quo of the Mutant-type Quirk users known as Heteromorphs in this new world. All For One did a lot to bring to the surface the abuse Heteromorphs suffer in the world during The Final Act Saga. Horikoshi even gave a slight teaser that this will be a part of the Epilogue arc as one panel in My Hero Academia Chapter 424 showed scales on the table of a hospital room. These scales likely come from Spinner, the last survivor of the League of Villains. Given that some of Shigaraki’s final words to Midoriya was to look out for Spinner the set-up for the Heteromorphs to be a big focus in the Epilogue arc is highly likely.


My Hero Academia Chapter 1 Izuku Midoriya Hero Statement
Future Izuku Midoriya narrates the start of his journey to become the greatest hero in My Hero Academia Chapter 1. Credit: Viz Media

There are many things that the Epilogue story arc can tackle from characters to world building. But no doubt the biggest will be shaping the future of Izuku Midoriya. Afterall, My Hero Academia started by the future Midoriya stating this is the story of how he became the greatest hero. Given the tone future Midoriya spoke in this is to b the start of his journey to be the greatest hero rather than complete start to finish.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 424 Midoriya states that he still feels embers of One For All inside him. Like when All Might passed the Quirk to him, this does leave room for Midoriya to still utilize the One For All Quirk in short bursts until it completely disappears. This at least means

Though this may also play into a greater possibility that the One For All Quirk is still inside Midoriya. Both in this chapter and in My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Horikoshi placed an emphasis on the final fist bump Midoriya and Shigaraki shared before the villain disappeared. With how Horikoshi made it a point to remind us of this there is the possibility that Shigaraki passed back the One For All Quirk to Midoriya. Midoriya stating that he only feels the embers of One For All could be a mental block as he believe he is Quirkless again.

If Midoriya is indeed Quirkless it does not mean that he can’t be a hero. The groundwork was already set by All Might himself during his final fight against All For One. During that fight All Might utilized an Iron Man-like armor to go toe-to-toe against the biggest bad of the series. With Midoriya returning to UA High School he could train and work with Mei Hatsume in Class 1-H or Melissa Shield in the USA to become an Iron Man or Batman type hero. Since Horikoshi has stated many times his love for Marvel superheroes Midoriya can be a new type of hero.

How long the Epilogue arc will be only Horikoshi, his team, and editors know. As fans we can enjoy the My Hero Academia ride for however long it lasts from here.

Source: Viz Media; Comicbook.com

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