New Age Poll Winner: Invincible!

Hey, the poll is closed, the votes have been counted and a winner is crowned.

The Best Image Comic I’m reading is…

I must admit I was expecting Invincible to win, but not by such a powerful landslide! I thought maybe it would at least get the majority, over half the votes, but damn it came, it saw, it conquered!

Jersey Gods got a couple of votes at least, showing that the young series is already well received enough to get even a vote s the best Image comic I’m reading. That alone is special.

Still the winner is Invincible, my own personal favorite of all the Image Comics I’m reading. Though it’s not perfect, the reason Invincible wins is for more than the quality of each issue but it’s for the simple fact that Invincible is the most defining Image comic I’m reading.

By that I mean, if you where to ask me “what’s one comic I should read to get a feel of Image” I could easily answer Invincible as it encompasses the entire feeling that comes with reading an Image comic, making it more special than the other books.

Add in the awesome characters, cool plots and absolutely incredible art by Ryan Ottley and we’ve got a recipe for greatness.

Sure Invincible has had it’s downs, most notably was issue #59 where the bumbling villain Powerplex roasts his family alive and somehow blames Invincible for it. But still the series has had enough ups to counter the downs and keep it a solid enjoyable series.

Right now we’re nearing the end of the Conquest arc which is the aftermath of the one-shot storyline the Invincible War and this has to be the best Invincible has been in years. The writing, the art, it’s all really great stuff and this is probably the best time to be reading Invincible currently.

So that’s it for the New Age Poll on the best Image Comic I’m Reading. In the future I’d like to do more, possibly Best Comic I’m Reading or something a little more small scale. I can’t say when the next New Age Poll will be up but I can promise it will come out sooner than later as I already have a lot of ideas buzzing through my head.

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  1. I have to say that Robert Kirkman's Invincible is the only thing that has kept me from quitting comics. There are many other good titles out there, but I grew up with Marvel and DC and as of late I've been getting tired of the "heroes" of each universe. I could write an article about how the way superheroes are being written today does not in fact make them heroic. But then it's probably been said by someone else at some point or another.

    I am so glad I got into this title. It brings me much joy.

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