New Comic Books For August 12, 2009


Action Comics #880
Adventure Comics #1
Batman #689
Blackest Night #2
Blackest Night Batman #1
Booster Gold #23
Green Lantern Corps #39
JSA vs Kobra Engines Of Faith #3
Red Circle Inferno #1
Red Robin #3
Unwritten #4
Wednesday Comics #6


Amazing Spider-Man #602
Incredible Hercules #132
Marvels Project #1
Ultimate Comics Avengers #1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1
Uncanny X-Men #514

All right, I took last week off. I visited a fraternity brother in Nashville, Tennessee last week and spent my time drinking and, well, pretty much doing nothing but drinking. So, the result was that I did absolutely no work at all and contributed zilch to The Revolution. I want to thank mi hermanos, Kevin and Andrenn, for holding down the Bunker for me during my alcohol induced absence. I owe you guys some cold cervezas for your hard work in my absence. I will try and be more productive this week.

We have a total of 19 titles headed to the Bunker today. This is a monster week that is dominated by DC titles. And we have some titles that should be absolute gems coming out this week. I am all excited to dive into this week’s selection of comic books. It is Christmas in August.


Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? All right, I was going to completely pass on Adventure Comics #1 for several reasons. One is that while I am impressed with Johns’ body of work, the fact is that his quality of writing has dipped in the past year. His work on Flash: Rebirth and his final run on Justice Society of America left much to be desired. Perhaps Johns simply spread himself too thin with having to write so many titles for DC as well as their big event in Blackest Night. Second, I have never been a fan of Superboy in any incarnation that we have gotten over the years. And third, I am less than thrilled with the Legion losing their title and being relegated to nothing more than back-up status.

However, I have been coerced, cajoled and, yes, even strong-armed by a couple of my friends to give Adventure Comics a chance. So, begrudgingly, I will be getting Adventure Comics #1. Maybe Johns can get me to fall in love with Superboy’s character. Maybe the Legion’s new role in the DCU will not suck as much as I expect it to. I am going to remain positive and hope that Johns can create some magic on Adventure Comics.


Even though I was largely unimpressed with debut issue of Blackest Night, I am looking forward to Blackest Night #2. I simply have to believe that Johns is going to pick up the pace a bit and deliver a more substantial and satisfying read with this issue. The pacing is going to be the controlling factor in my enjoyment of Blackest Night #2. If Johns continues his trend of writing solely for the trade format in mind and simply wastes time for most of the issue before ending with a “surprise” hook ending then I will be disappointed. A nicely paced story that delivers plenty of plot progression is what I am looking for in Blackest Night #2.


I am curious to read Blackest Night: Batman #1. Normally, I am not a fan of spin-off titles that are spawned by big events. However, Peter Tomasi is writing this title and I almost always enjoy Tomasi’s work. Also, Tomasi had an excellent run on Nightwing so I know that Tomasi will do a great job with Dick’s character in this story. Therefore, I am going to give this title a chance. Plus, it should be interesting to see Dick have to battle the Black Lantern Flying Graysons.


Booster Gold #23 should be an entertaining read. This title has regained its focus and is a fun read. Fans of DC’s continuity should enjoy the various trips through history that Booster makes. Plus, this title always features great guest stars. My interest in this title has also been boosted by the fact that Sturges has managed to get me to enjoy the new Blue Beetle. The Blue Beetle back-up story is an enjoyable straight forward super hero tale.


JSA vs Kobra Engines Of Faith #3 should be a dependable read. Eric Trautmann has delivered a serviceable super hero story with this title. JSA vs Kobra has not been anything unique or special. But, it is solidly put together and offers up a reliable story that has enough mystery and action to keep the reader interested in coming back for more. My favorite aspect of this title has been Don Kramer and Michael Babinski’s artwork.


REBELS #7 should be another solid read. Tony Bedard has done a great job on this title. REBELS is such an underrated comic book. This title has it all. Quality character work, nicely crafted dialogue, good action scenes and an entertaining story. Plus, this title stars Vril Dox! What’s not to like?


I am curious to check out Red Circle Inferno #1. Red Circle: The Hangman #1 was better than I was expecting. JMS was not his usual heavy-handed self. Maybe JMS will actually be able to make these Red Circle characters into productive and interesting additions to the modern DCU.


I am definitely excited to read The Unwritten #4. I have fallen in love with Carey’s story on this title. Being a Literature major this title is right up my alley. I rarely read Vertigo titles. However, based on how much I enjoy The Unwritten, maybe I should start mixing more Vertigo titles into my comic book reading diet.


Wednesday Comics #6 should be another enjoyable read. I am in love with the artwork on this title. The oversized format continues to be such a wonderful feature of this title. I am enjoying just about all of the stories. The Wonder Woman story is the only story that is a complete and total miss with me.


It was a tough choice, but the DC comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Green Lantern Corps #39. This issue is a Blackest Night tie-in issue that deals with the dead Green Lanterns coming back to life as Black Lanterns. Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps outperformed Johns’ Green Lantern during the road to Blackest Night. I expect that to continue with this issue. If nothing else, we should get treated to some fantastic action as the Green Lanterns battle their fallen brothers.


Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? I am not expecting much from Action Comics #880. This title has been a dull and generic read since Superman left. I simply have not been able to muster any interest at all in the main story on this title. However, I am curious to read the Captain Atom back-up story. I am interested to see how Robinson is able to revive Captain Atom’s character after his run as a truly monstrous villain as Monarch.


I am not expecting much from Red Robin #3. However, I have to admit that this issue has the coolest cover of the week. I do think that Red Robin has the potential to be a good read. Yost simply needs focus and deliver a tighter story that moves with a quicker pace. The first two issues have felt too much like filler. Yost needs to get to the point already and explain Tim’s reasons for believing that Bruce is alive and what his actual plan is to track down Bruce.


However, the DC comic book that I am least looking forward to reading is Batman #689. This title has been a bore since Morrison left and took Bruce Wayne with him. I feel like I am reading a filler story until Bruce comes back and rightfully reclaims his cowl. I expect nothing more than a generic super hero story with this issue.


Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? Incredible Hercules #132 should be another exiting read. Van Lente and Pak always crank out a fun read with this title. I am rarely disappointed in Incredible Herc. I am curious to see how Van Lente and Pak handle the fall out between the split of the unstoppable duo of Herc and Cho.


With Ultimatum over I am ready to put that absolute clusterfuck of an event behind me and never think of it again. Instead, rather than dwell on the worst comic book story I have ever read, I would rather look to the future and be positive about what is headed our way. Millar, like a white knight, is riding to the rescue to try and resuscitate the Ultimates after they were thoroughly ravaged by Loeb’s miserable run on that title.

Now, is it a tall order to ask Millar to take what Loeb left him in Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum and try and cobble together the broken pieces and bad ideas into something interesting? Yes. This is the comic book equivalent of a cook being handed chicken shit and being asked to make chicken salad out of it. But, the fact remains that Millar’s run on Ultimates 1 and Ultimates 2 were both brilliant. So, I have faith that Millar will restore the glory to the Ultimate Universe with Ultimate Comics Avengers #1.


We are getting another re-launched Ultimate Universe title in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1. Now, unlike Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man did not need to be re-started. There is no clean-up work to be done on this title. Bendis has been nothing but pure genius on Ultimate Spider-Man ever since the first issue. It is a shame that Ultimate Spider-Man had to get pulled through the mud by Ultimatum.

At any rate, there is no doubt in my mind that Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 is going to be a wonderful read. Bendis has put together a legendary run on Ultimate Spider-Man and I see no logical reason that Bendis won’t continue his magic on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1.


However, in the end, the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Marvels Project #1. C’mon, you take the legendary team of Brubaker and Epting from Captain America and combine them with Marvel’s Golden Age heroes and you have a title that instantly appeals to me. I am an unabashed fan of Golden Age characters. I am also a huge fan of Brubaker and Epting. So, I would be surprised if I did not thoroughly enjoy Marvels Project #1.

I am particularly pleased to see Marvel continue to try and flesh out their Golden Age. This is a wise move by Marvel to try and take their Golden Age Timely characters and attempt to integrate them into the 616 universe’s continuity. One area that Marvel has always conceded to DC is their lack of a deep and textured history. It is time for Marvel to take advantage of their Golden Age properties and to attempt to give some more depth and richness to the 616 universe’s continuity.


Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? I am not that excited to read Amazing Spider-Man #602. I found Amazing Spider-Man #601 to be a huge step backward from the white hot American Son story arc. Amazing Spider-Man #601 read like one of the generic and dull Brand New Day issues that we got so often after the Mephisto retcon. Maybe the last issue was an anomaly, but Amazing Spider-Man has to prove to me on a more consistent basis than just one story arc before I have faith in this title once again.


However, the Marvel comic book that I am least looking forward to reading is Uncanny X-Men #514. The Utopia story has failed to impress me. I have found it to be a largely boring and unoriginal story. I feel like everything I am getting on Uncanny X-Men as of late is simply a re-hash of something I read from Claremont back during the glory years of the X-Men.

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