New Comic Books For February 20, 2008


Batman and the Outsiders #4
Countdown to Final Crisis #10
Flash #237
Justice League of America #18
Robin #171
Superman Batman #46


Amazing Spider-Man #551
Hulk #2
Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall Green Mist Death #1
Iron Man #26
Mighty Avengers #9
Ultimate Human #2
Ultimate X-Men #91
Ultimates 3 #3
Wolverine Origins #22

I have no idea how in the world the cover for February’s issue of Playboy practically slipped past my radar. Tenzil and I were working out in the gym here at the Bunker when he told me about the big controversy surrounding this issue of Playboy. So, of course, after we left the gym I immediately scrambled around the internet looking for a picture of this cover of Playboy. Oh my. Wonder Woman has never looked so fine.

I have seen that DC has trotted out the no comment response concerning this Playboy cover. Legally, there isn’t much they can do. This isn’t a trademark violation. And even if DC wanted to protect its copyright, a “cease and desist” letter is rather useless considering this is probably a one-time only move by Playboy. Also, litigation is very expensive. And secretly, DC is probably not that upset by this move. This is controversial and it keeps Wonder Woman in the public conscious and keeps her relevant.

Of course, you know that there will plenty of people who will be outraged and offended over this move by Playboy and DC’s “no comment” response. There are three things that Americans love to do more than anything else in this world: eat crappy fast food, shop at Wal-Mart and wrap themselves up in self-righteous indignation and be offended about something.

I have no problems at all with this cover. Sexuality in all forms is a wonderful thing and far less harmful than the insane levels of violence that is mainlined into the minds of kids via movies, TV, comic books and video games. The naked human body is gorgeous and should be celebrated.

I’m sure Europeans are snickering at the silly Puritanical Americans being offended by this Playboy cover. Hell, I’d have no problem at all if Playgirl riffed off this cover and had a male model with a Superman outfit painted onto his body. It is all in good fun. All right, I’m sure I have successfully pissed off plenty of people. That was not my intention, but it seems inevitable. Intolerance is in vogue and all people want to do nowadays is shout down the opinions of others that they find “offensive” and “immoral.”

All right, let’s check out the comic books for this week. We have another huge week with 15 titles headed to the Bunker this week. And once again, this week’s shipment of comic books is definitely heavier with Marvel titles than DC titles.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? None really. This is a pretty weak selection of titles from DC this week. I guess I’ll go with Countdown to Final Crisis #10. I can’t believe I just said that. Anyway, I’m really getting pumped up for Final Crisis and I’m curious to see what Dini has in store for us with the grand finale of Countdown.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? I can’t say that I’m entirely thrilled to read Justice League of America #18. This title has quickly become a very average comic book ever since Meltzer left the title. I simply don’t expect that trend to change anytime soon.

However, I’m going to have to go with Flash #237 as the DC comic book that I am least looking forward to reading. I have been stunned at how overwhelmingly mediocre this title has been since Wally returned. Now, make no mistake, I hated the move of replacing Wally with Bart as the Flash. But, Wally’s return has been less than impressive. Waid failed to even remotely hook my interest with the past story arc. Keith Champagne is going to handle Flash #237 which is going to be nothing more than filler. Then Tom Peyer takes over the writing duties with Flash #238.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? This is a pretty tough choice. We have a pretty nice selection of titles headed from the House of Ideas this week. I’m looking forward to Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall Green Mist Death #1. I have loved Brubaker and Fraction’s work on Iron Fist. It is a shame that a quality title like this gets such low sales numbers while complete and utter garbage like New Avengers posts nice sales numbers. I quickly became a huge fan of Orson Randall after just one appearance over on Iron Fist. This issue should be a blast to read.

Ultimate Human #2 is another issue I’m looking forward to read. I was surprised at how interesting the debut issue of Ultimate Human was. I had low expectations for this title and have been pleasantly surprised.

However, the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Iron Man #26. The Knaufs continue to crank out a title that is rivaled only by Brubaker’s Captain America. Again, it is an absolute shame that such an incredibly crafted comic book posts average sales numbers when the absolute pure drivel known as New Avengers continue to crank out huge sales numbers.

Iron Man #26 should be a fantastic read. We finally get the much anticipated between Iron Man and his arch nemesis in the Mandarin. And to top it all off, Tony is at a decided disadvantage since he is wearing one of his old suits of armor and currently can’t access all of his Extremis abilities.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? I can’t say that I’m all that excited to read Amazing Spider-Man #551. This title isn’t horrible. This title is simply resoundingly average. And you just can’t publish an average read when it is on a three times a month shipping schedule.

Ultimates 3 #3 is another issue that doesn’t excite me. Loeb’s take on the Ultimates is certainly not of the same quality and substance of what Millar gave us. I think it would be wise for Marvel to switch up the writers on this title when we get the next volume of the Ultimates.

However, the Marvel title that I am least looking forward to reading would be Wolverine Origins #22. I dislike this title on numerous levels. On the most base level I hate the fact that Wolverine has regained his memories and I hate having to learn about his past. Most of the times less is more. And Wolverine was so much cooler when he was simply Marvel’s version of Eastwood’s Man With No Name.

Then on top of all that, I have to slog my way through Daniel Way’s writing. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot appreciate anything written by Way. His writing is so overwhelmingly unimpressive. Marvel finally pulled Way off Ghost Rider. I can only hope that Marvel does the same with Wolverine: Origins.

I’ll try my best to start posting reviews as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their new comic books for this week.

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  1. I like how you can search for diferent titles via the tags on the left. What do you think about adding writers and artists to those tags so when you talk about an artist coming off a title, I could click on their name and see all the work they’ve done.

  2. Relatively small week for me:

    Incredible Hercules
    Mighty Avengers

    Whedon’s incredibly slow run on Runaways comes closer to a close.

    And Checkmate, one of my favourite DC titles, comes out, but it’s bittersweet, because yesterday’s May solicits reveal that Greg Rucka is off the book and being replaced by Bruce Jones. Bruce Jones. Lord, I died a little inside on reading that.

  3. Looks like you will get one of your wishes but another won’t come true. Daniel Way and Steve Dillon are leaving Wolverine: Origins to launch a new Deadpool series but Jeph Loeb is already on board for another volume of The Ultimates, apparently with Ed McGuinness on art, which should at least look better than what Joe Mad is putting out.

  4. It’s such a shame, but I droped the Flash. Rokk, maybe you should consider picking up some other great reads like Salvation Run or Simone’s Wonder Woman?

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