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It looks like The Revolution has nine comic books headed to the Bunker today. That is a pretty small week for The Revolution. Usually we are well into the double digits. This week is fairly balanced between DC and Marvel. As always, I’ll try to post as many reviews as possible.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? That is an easy question. It has to be Green Lantern #21. Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1 was the best comic book that I have read all year. I cannot wait to see what Johns has in store for us with this latest issue of Green Lantern.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? That would be Superman #664. This title has been such a pedestrian read. If this title doesn’t pick it up soon then it may fall victim to The Revolution’s dreaded axe.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? X-Factor #21. This title is still arguably the best written comic book published by Marvel. Last issue concluded a major story arc so I’m curious to see what David has in store for us next.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? Oh man, this is a really tough one. It comes down to either New Avengers #32 or Punisher War Journal #9. New Avengers has been a pathetic read for over a year. Punisher War Journal has only bee a crap read for a couple of months.

But, Bendis gets more respect due to his impressive work on titles like Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil while Fraction is a relative unknown with me. So, I’ll give Bendis the break this week and pick Punisher War Journal #9 as the title I am least looking forward to reading this week. The current story arc with the “all-new, all-racist” Hate-monger might just be the worst story arc I have ever read. Well, at least Hate-Monger hasn’t kicked any women in the vagina unlike a certain character from the New Avengers.

I’ll try my best to start posting reviews as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their new comic books for this week.

5 thoughts on “New Comic Books for July 11, 2007

  1. Not checking out the Green Arrow mini? I know very little about Green Arrow but he always takes verbal shots at Superman which is usually pretty funny. I wonder if it’ll be a good read. This will be my first year one read so I wonder if it will be any good.

  2. I don’t know how anyone’s most anticipated title could be anything other than Nicieza and Slott’s GLI/Deadpool Summer Fun Special. I predict that the awesomeness of this issue with be legendary.

  3. I can’t tell if your joking Island but I gotta say I am looking forward to that book too. Deadpool cracks me up and I look forward to anything he’s in.

  4. Oooh, I’m so behind… I don’t want to read your reviews yet before I read them myself.

    Btw, where did you get night girls as a method of rating? Also how many titles received perfect 10 night girls on all accounts? Can you give any examples?

  5. lol rokk, I thought you were giving out hookers based on how much you enjoyed the book. At first it sounded like you were saying you enjoyed reading Sinestro Corps as much as you would enjoy 9 night girls. I’m glad that is not the case.

    Anyways, you don’t need to post this follow up comment since it deviates from the topic of comics and has gone to the gutter.

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