New Comic Books For March 26, 2008


All Star Superman #10
Countdown to Final Crisis #5
Green Lantern #29
Legion of Super Heroes #40
Teen Titans #57


Daredevil #106
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #11
Mighty Avengers #11
New Avengers #39
Ultimate Human #3
Ultimate Iron Man II #4
Ultimate Spider-Man #120
Ultimate X-Men #92
X-Men Legacy #209

Last week we covered the Top 15 most dangerous states released by CQ Press. This week we will run through the Top 15 safest states also put together by CQ Press. Again, CW Press’ rankings take into consideration more than 500 crime-related categories including categories like arrests, corrections, offenses, courts, juvenile justice, drug and alcohol treatment, crime clearances, law enforcement expenditures, etc. The Top 15 safest states are as follows:

15. Virginia
14. West Virginia
13. Utah
12. Rhode Island
11. Connecticut
10. Wisconsin
9. Idaho
8. Iowa
7. Montana
6. Wyoming
5. South Dakota
4. Vermont
3. North Dakota
2. Maine
1. New Hampshire

Wow. The New England area just crushed this list. The New England area placed 3 states in the Top 5 and a total of 5 states in the Top 15. The Northwest turned in a strong showing with 2 states in the Top 5 and a total of 6 states in the Top 15. Wisconsin, Utah, West Virginia round out the rest of the Top 15. Virginia is the odd man out in this Top 15 since it is the only Southern (Is Virginia still considered Southern? As Washington, DC expands further into Virginia on its way to Richmond, this state is more mid-Atlantic than Southern.) state that cracked into the Top 15.

I cannot say that I was surprised at all about this list. Well, I was surprised that Virginia made it into the top 15. But, other than that, none of the other states were surprises. You knew that the New England area was going to dominate this list. And you knew that the Northwestern states would also turn in a strong showing.

I have never had the fortune to go out to any of the states in the Northwest. But, I definitely want to make my way out to the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana at some point. They seem like they have incredible natural beauty. I have been able to visit every state up in the New England area. Now, I have never been up there in the winter and that is no coincidence. However, I have to say that the New England area is the most beautiful and by far the nicest part of America that I have ever visited.

And the people in the New England area are so polite! Wow. Growing up in Miami, I got used to going to the grocery store where little old ladies would smash your grocery cart out of their way and they give you the middle finger. I remember walking around downtown Montpellier, Vermont, one morning and all the shopkeepers were opening up for the day. Each and every person I met that morning smiled and wished me a “good morning.” I know that may sound weird that this experience impressed me, but that kind of thing just doesn’t happen in Miami. You are more likely to get shot in Miami than have someone wish you a “good morning.”

Now, here is my only problem with this Top 15 list. When I’m an old man, I’d love to retire to a state that is on the Top 15 safest states list. But, c’mon! Can’t a single state that has warm weather crack this list? All the states on this list get some serious cold weather. There is no way my Miami born and bred brown ass would be able to survive in the weather of any of the states on this list.

All right, let’s check out the comic books for this week. We have another large week with 14 titles headed to the Bunker this week. This week’s shipment of comic books is a heavier with Marvel titles than DC titles.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I always look forward to the latest issue of Green Lantern. And even though Green Lantern #29 is dedicated to re-telling Hal Jordan’s origin, I’m still looking forward to this issue. I have a feeling that Johns is going to take this opportunity to slightly tweak Hal’s origin to better fit Johns’ vision of the Green Lantern mythos.

Teen Titans #57 should be another good read. McKeever is doing a nice job on this title and I am interested in learning more about the new Clock King and his Terror Titans. This title always delivers some entertaining drama between the various Titans as well as plenty of good action.

However, the DC comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is the Legion of Super Heroes #40. I have not been shy about my praise for what Shooter has done with this title. Shooter has managed to revive a completely moribund title. There is no doubt in my mind that Shooter is going to deliver another strong read. This is the fourth issue of Shooter’s run and I think this is the point where Shooter is done with transitioning from Waid’s Legion to his own version of the Legion. I look for the pacing and plotlines to pick up a bit with this issue.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? There can be only one: Countdown to Final Crisis #5. I honestly thought that there was no way this title could get worse until I read the last issue of Countdown. It was truly horrendous. And it is stunning that the creative team would be gagging up such terrible reads this close to the end of the title.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I’m actually excited about reading Mighty Avengers #11. This is because Bendis has managed to deliver back-to-back good reads on this title. I have been impressed that Bendis has been able to actually move a story along at a good pace, actually deliver some nice action scenes and not talk the reader to death with nonsensical dialogue. Mighty Avengers has really become quite a fun read.

I’m also looking forward to Ultimate Spider-Man #120. I have enjoyed the Ultimate universe version of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Bendis always turns in a fun read on this title. Ultimate Spider-Man is where Bendis’ talents really shine.

However, the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Daredevil #106. Brubaker put Matt through absolute hell with the past story arc. I am curious to see how Matt will adjust to the loss of his wife as well as his general outlook on life.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? Again, there can be only one: New Avengers #39. This title is consistently one of the most putrid reads on the market. There is no point or purpose to this title. Bendis manages to attain the perfect state of stasis as he somehow manages to continually go month to month without ever achieving anything or progressing a single plotline. Not to mention that the pacing to this title is mind numbingly slow.

The good thing about New Avengers #39 is that I get to enjoy David Mack’s wonderful art instead of Leinel Yu’s horror show inspired scratches. The downside is that New Avengers #39 centers on one of the lamest characters ever: Echo.

As always, I’ll try my best to start posting reviews as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their new comic books for this week.

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  1. But Dakota North is great ;p (seems that Brubaker is going to give her an important role in the near future in “daredevil”)

  2. lol, i agree, im from winnipeg and its ten times better here than north dakota. that state is just the state that i drive through when im going to minneapolis to shop or see a concert haha.

  3. Well Rokk, you will be disappointed to note that Countdown this week follows the same narrative style as the last issue, however a bit better story than the last one.

  4. Who’s going to rob a house when its below freezing? Of course they are going to sit home, nurse a beer and watch tv.

    Go Virginia! Its even pretty warm there.

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