New Comic Books for March 29, 2006

Wednesday is always a big day here at the Revolution. We get our fix of new comics. This week is a pretty good sized week. Waiting for the Revolution at our comic shop are the following titles:

DC Comics:

Action Comics #837
All Star Superman #3
Green Lantern #10
Superman/Batman #24

Marvel Comics:

Fantastic Four #536
Iron Man #6
New Avengers: Illuminati Special
Sentry #7
Ultimate Spider-Man #92
Uncanny X-Men #471
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5

The Revolution is looking forward to Ultimate Spider-Man. That title is always a great read. Probably the most consistently good title out there. The Revolution is also looking forward to Green Lantern. That title has been great so far and I expect that Johns is going to keep it rocking. The title that intrigues me the most is Action Comics #837. This is another “One Year Later” issue and is a continuation of the storyline started in this month’s Superman. I’m still not sure that the incredible combination of Busiek and Johns will be able to sell me on Superman, but I’m interested to see what they have up their sleeves.

The title that the Revolution is least looking forward to is easy to pick: Uncanny X-Men. That title is quickly becoming a chore to read. The Revolution is still stunned that Claremont, who was the absolute man during his initial run on X-Men, is writing such a lousy storyline this time around.