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Nice, it appears that The Revolution finally gets a small week to deal with. Coming off the big move and a monster cold, a small week is just what I needed. And this week is especially small when it comes to DC comics this week. All in all, just 8 titles are headed to the Bunker today.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? Well, there isn’t much to choose from. I’m going to have to go with Justice League of America #14. I’m curious to see what McDuffie has in store for us with just his second issue on this title. This title doesn’t engage the reader’s mind much, but it certainly a lot of fun to read.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? None. I’m actually looking forward to both titles from DC that are headed to the Bunker today.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? This is an insanely easy choice. Captain America #31. Brubaker has made Captain America the only title dealing with The Initiative that I find to be a quality read. Captain America is always a fantastic read each and every month and is easily one of Marvel’s strongest reads.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? That is also an easy choice. Wolverine: Origins #18. Nothing manages to suck quite like an issue written by Daniel Way.

I’ll try my best to start posting reviews as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their new comic books for this week.

3 thoughts on “New Comic Books for October 17, 2007

  1. DC:

    Brave and the Bold (just because Wonder Woman is in it; George Perez drawing Wonder Woman is an automatic buy for the true Wonder-fan, given his legendary run on the title)
    Checkmate (if you like Cap, Rokk, I think you’d like Checkmate)


    Captain America
    Mighty Avengers
    X-Men: Emperor Vulcan (this has been a fun miniseres so far)

  2. For a bit more background on it, it’s “SHIELD with a chess theme.” The basic premise is that there are four Royals (Black and White King and Queen), heading the Black and White divisions (Ops and Political/Management). The Black Royals and Sasha Bordeaux (one of Greg Rucka’s pet characters from his “Detective Comics” run, who’s now an OMAC cyborg) and Israeli Colonel Khalid (new character), while the White Royals are Mister Terrific (formerly White King’s Bishop, when Alan Scott was White King, who’s involved with Sasha romantically) and Amanda Waller. The rest of the cast is a hodgepodge gathered from around the DCU, including the Thinker (the computer villain from JSA) (White King’s Bishop), Fire (Black Queen’s Knight), and August General In Iron (Black King’s Bishop).

    The current storyarc (which began in #18; #19 came out this week) is “The Fall of the Wall”; since the start, really, Amanda Waller has been running her own side operations (which the White Royals aren’t allowed to do) using a secret new Suicide Squad, at the behest of the USA, which would prefer if Checkmate were still an American agency, instead of a UN one. Among other things, she (and her bishop and knight, King Faraday and Count Vertigo) rigged elections in Santa Prisca (and blackmailed Fire into murdered someone who might have blown the whistle on her operations). Now, the other Royals are planning to oust Waller, but, as this week’s issue showed, she’s already planning to strike back and have them ousted instead.

    It’s a very dense book, but highly rewarding to long-term readers (Rucka, like Brubaker, understands the slow-burn approach).

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