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We have a total of 14 titles headed to the Bunker today. This is a much smaller week than the ridiculously large batch of comic books that we got last week. This week is certainly not as exciting as last week, either. Last week was crammed full of great reads that I was excited to read. This week? Not so much. DC is not putting out anything that really excites me and while Marvel’s selection of titles for this week is a bit more interesting, it is still rather subdued.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading?


I am actually looking forward to Batman #690. I have never been shy about how unimpressed I usually find Judd Winick’s writing on super hero comics. However, the fact is that Winick has actually done a pretty damn good job on Batman. It is a shame that DC is jerking him off this title so early in his run and replacing him with Tony Daniel.

At any rate, Winick has displayed a nice feel for Dick as Batman and also has done a good job with the relationship between Dick and Alfred. I expect Batman #690 to give us some more nice dialogue and solid character work. I am also looking forward to more of Mark Bagley’s fantastic artwork. I love how Bagley draws Batman.


I am curious to read Magog #1. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not expect Magog #1 to be that good of a read. I am simply curious as to why in the world DC would have thought Magog was a character that warranted his own title. I have not seen anything in Magog’s character that made me feel like he had an interesting story to tell.

Of all the DC characters out there that DC could give a monthly title to, Magog would not have even made my list. I would much rather see DC give the Challengers of the Unknown their own title. There are plenty of other neat DC characters that deserve their own title more than Magog.

But, here we are. I am interested to see if Keith Giffen can actually give Magog a personality. I am not too confident that Giffen is going to be able to give this title an appealing or unique flavor. It would not surprise me if Magog does not make it to twelve issues.


I am sure that Wednesday Comics #9 will be another entertaining read. The oversized format and the artwork on this title continue to be the two main reasons why I enjoy reading Wednesday Comics so much.


In the end, the DC comic book that I am most looking forward to is Red Tornado #1. It is not because I think this issue is going to be an awesome read. It is because this is a really weak selection of comic books from DC this week.

Evidently, DC does not feel like they have made the Red Tornado’s origin confusing enough. Therefore, DC is unveiling Red Tornado’s “true” origin in this six issue mini-series. DC is known for neurotically picking at the origins of their characters. There always is the chance that this new origin will made Reddy an even more interesting character. Or, this “true” origin might confuse readers to the point where they just stop caring.

I am not familiar with Kevin VanHook’s work so I look forward to seeing what he can do on this title. I have seen the preview art for Red Tornado #1 and I have to say that I dig Jose Luis and J.O. Mayer’s work.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


I am not all that excited to read The Mighty #8. This title is rapidly losing my interest. I am getting a bit tired of the “evil” Superman theme that we have seen over and over in the past and are also currently seeing on several different titles. I also think that Waid is doing a more interesting job with the “evil” Superman theme on Irredeemable than what we are getting on The Mighty.


However, the DC comic book that I am least looking forward to reading is Justice League: Cry for Justice #3. Wow, this title has been such a huge disappointment. I generally like James Robinson’s work. And I loved the cast of characters that Robinson had selected for this title. I also enjoyed the pretty artwork from Mauro Cascioli that I saw in all the previews for this title. I really thought that Justice League: Cry for Justice was going to kick ass.

I was totally wrong. Robinson has delivered such an over the top story by taking the theme of “Justice” and absolutely hammering it into the ground. The constant use of the word “Justice” has reduced this story to nothing more than a bad campy joke. At no point can the reader take this story seriously. I expect Justice League: Cry for Justice #3 to feature plenty of characters standing around and screaming “Justice!!”

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading?


Agents of Atlas #10 should be another good read. This issue should bring us plenty of quality action as Jade Claw launches her attack on Atlas. I also expect the same good dialogue and nice character work that we always get on this title. Jeff Parker has made this title such an interesting and unique read. This is certainly not your typical super team title.


I am interested in reading Incognito #6. This issue is the finale to this title. Yes, Incognito most certainly has had its defects. The slow pacing is probably the biggest defect with Incognito. However, the story is still interesting and I like the odd characters that Brubaker has presented to the reader. I am sure that Brubaker has a wild and exciting ending in store for us with this issue.


I am looking forward to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2. I thoroughly enjoyed the debut issue of this new title. Bendis did a nice job quickly skipping over Ultimatum and moving on with getting Ultimate Spider-Man back on track. Ultimate Spider-Man has been one of my favorite titles ever since its first issue. I am glad that Bendis is clear of the awfulness of Ultimatum and is free to do his own thing once again with Ultimate Spider-Man.

David LaFuente is the perfect artist for this title. I love the manga inspired and youthful looking art that he brings to Ultimate Spider-Man. My only hope is that LaFuente tones down how round he makes Ultimate Spidey’s head. I am curious to see what Bendis has in store for us concerning Mysterio and his surprising hit on the Kingpin. I am also interested in learning more about the mysterious Shroud.


However, the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Torch #1. Everyone knows the soft spot that I have for Golden Age characters. Clearly, I am going to support just about any title that Marvel publishes that stars one of their Golden Age characters. I am certainly enjoying this revival of Golden Age characters over at Marvel that we have seen this year. I hope this continues.

Mike Carey is the writer for this mini-series. I usually enjoy Carey’s work and I have high hopes that he can craft an interesting story. Evidently, this issue is going to deal with the Mad Thinker determined to figure out how to bring the original Human Torch back from the dead. Toro is also going to play a role in this story. Hopefully, Torch #1 lives up to my high expectations.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


That would be Invincible Iron Man #17. Only the my undying love and support for Iron Man as well as the fact that I have a complete run of Iron Man comics is keeping me on this title. I am sure that Invincible Iron Man #17 will be another pedestrian read.

This story is incredibly uncreative as Fraction simply takes older storylines and mashes them together to produce a rather bland, one-dimensional and generic read. The character work continues to be non-existent. The dialogue is stiff and uninspired. Fraction’s run on this title is making me miss the Knaufs’ superlative run on Iron Man so very much.

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  1. Rokk, love your rant on Robinson's work Cry for Justice. I do hope that his run on the actual Justice League of America will not be that bad.

    The characters on Justice League Cry for Justice are literally crying for "Justice!" I didn't think Robinson would do such a literal interpretation of his own title, LOL.

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