New Comic Books for September 6, 2007





All is good with the world as we return to our normal large shipment of comic books headed to the Bunker today. We have a total of 11 titles with this week being much heavier with DC titles than Marvel titles. As always, I’ll try to post as many reviews as possible.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? It comes down to Infinite Inc. #1 and the Outsiders #50. I’m very curious to see what DC is going to do with this new version of Infinite Inc as well as this brand new direction for the Outsiders. Peter Milligan is the writer for Infinity Inc and his stuff is rather hit or miss for me. The artist for Infinity Inc. is Max Fiumara and I am not at all familiar with his work. Tony Bedard is the writer for the Outsiders. Matthew Clark is the artist for the Outsiders. I run hot and cold with Clark’s artwork. However, I have loved Bedard’s run on the legion of Super Heroes so I have high hopes for Bedard’s run on the Outsiders.

I’m going to have to go with Outsiders #50. Mainly because I have a bad feeling that Infinity Inc. #1 is going to turn out to be a rather average title. Also, I’m excited that DC finally decided to shake up the Outsiders and replace Judd Winick on this title. Outsiders had grown so stale and mopey under Winick’s direction. It will be nice to see this title get refreshed and energized.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading? That would be Countdown #34. Last issue of Countdown was really unimpressive and I’m getting more and more frustrated with this storyline. It is probably my own fault for expecting Countdown to live up to the high standard set by 52.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I’m going with Brubaker’s Uncanny #490. After many stutter steps and some average issues, Brubaker has finally found his legs on this title. Brubaker has laid the foundation for what should be one hell of a story arc. With each issue, this current story arc just gets better and better.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading? Oh c’mon, you know exactly what issue I’m going to pick. It would be Amazing Spider-Man #544. This title has been practically unreadable for about ten issues. I see no reason for Amazing Spider-Man #544 to buck that trend.

I’ll try my best to start posting reviews as soon as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their new comic books for this week.