New Comics for June 28, 2006


52 Week #8
Action Comics #840
Batman #654
DCU Brave New World #1
Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #19


Amazing Spider-Man #533
Daredevil #86
Fantastic Four #538
Moon Knight #3
New Avengers #21
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #6
Ultimate Spider-Man #96
Wolverine #43
X-Factor #8
X-Men #187

Looks like we have another big week in store for the Revolution. So many good titles this week! Over in DC, I’m most looking forward to 52 #8. 52 has been a pleasure to read and issue #7 really kicked this story up a notch. Over in Marvel, I’m most looking forward to Moon Knight #3. I have loved this new series from the very beginning.

What am I least looking forward to? In DC, that is soooo easy. Supergirl and the high jacking of the Legion of Super Heroes #19. I just can’t wait to see what underwhelming issue DC is going to push off on us this week! Hopefully, DC will finally showcase Supergirl a little on this title. She just hasn’t gotten enough attention. Supergirl really is an underutilized character.

You know, DC should really look into turning other titles totally unrelated to Supergirl into ads shilling Supergirl’s title. That would be a great idea! Oh wait, they already did that with Superman/Batman #27. Thanks, DC! You read my mind!

Over in Marvel, it would be X-Men #187. Mercifully, Milligan’s run comes to an end with this issue. Mike Carey is taking over the writing duties for X-Men with issue #188. I know nothing about Carey and I have not read anything that he has written. At least, nothing that I remember. So, let’s hope Mike Carey can deliver a quality read for this title.