New Comics for November 8, 2006


52 #27
Batman #658
Green Lantern #14
Martian Manhunter #4
Superman #657
Teen Titans #40


Eternals #5
Ultimate X-Men #76
Wolverine Origins #8

It appears to be a rather average sized week of comics headed to the Bunker today. This is a pretty nice sized week for DC and a rather small one for Marvel.

All right, which DC comic am I most looking forward to reading? That is really tough. We are loaded with some excellent DC titles this week. Batman, Green Lantern and Teen Titans are all fantastic reads. It is tough for me to choose between these three titles, but I think I’m going to have to go with Teen Titans #40. Johns is taking the reader on a wild ride with this current story arc and I’m interested to see what happens next.

Which DC comic am I least looking forward to reading? In all honesty, there isn’t one. This is a really strong week for DC. If forced, I would have to say that Martian Manhunter #4 is the weak link in this bunch of comics. The last issue wasn’t all that great so I hope that we get a better read with issue #4.

Which Marvel comic am I most looking forward to reading? That is tough. While the DC titles heading to the Bunker this week are all strong, the Marvel titles that are headed to the bunker are rather weak. It is tough to pick a comic from these three titles that I’m really all that excited to read. I guess I’ll have to go with Eternals #5. I haven’t been all that impressed with this slow and plodding mini-series, but it has been a better read that Ultimate X-Men or Wolverine Origins.

Which Marvel comic am I least looking forward to reading? That is so easy. Wolverine Origins #8. Loyal followers of the Revolution are well aware that I have been totally and thoroughly unimpressed with Way’s writing on this title and that I am only still collecting this title because I am a sick Wolverine complete-ist. That is so pathetic of me. But, I’m sure all you guys have that title or two that you just can’t let go of no matter how bad it gets.

Normally, I effort to begin posting reviews by Thursday. However, this week, I have to attend an all day seminar on Thursday. Damn this thing called work! And since I have this all day seminar to tackle on Thursday, then I probably won’t be able to post any reviews until Friday. Sorry about that, but I’ll try to make the reviews just a little bit better in order to make up for the unfortunate tardiness.

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  1. Tardiness? No thursday review?Just swell!!All kidding aside,your reviews are awesome.By reading them,I have actually picked up and enjoyed titles I never would have before. Keep up the good work. PS.Daniel Way does rather suck.If he ever rights one of my beloved Spiderman titles,I will probaly have to be put in a padded cell!

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