New Comics on March 22, 2006

The Revolution is expecting a nice little batch of comics to read here at the Bunker. It is a pretty small week for DC. All the Revolution will be getting is:

Batman #651
Legion of Super Heroes #16

On the other hand, it is a monster week for Marvel with the Revolution getting:

Amazing Spider-Man #530
Captain America #16
Daredevil #83
New Avengers #17
Squadron Supreme #1
Ultimate Fantastic Four #28
Wolverine #40
X-Factor #5
X-Men #184

On the manga front, we have:

Full Metal Achemist

Whew! We are going to need to load up on a lot of fried plantains here at the Bunker to snack on while we read this week’s comics. Here are the issues that the Revolution is most interested in reading:

Legion of Super Heroes #16. Yeah, the Revolution knows that the title is “Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes,” but it will be a cold day in hell when we refer to the comic using that title. I’m interested to see how much this issue is going to suck and if DC is effectively killing the title with this move.

Batman #651. This is another of the “One Year Later” issues. Can this issue follow Nightwing in reversing the trend of lackluster “One Year Later” issues? The Revolution thinks so.

Captain America #16. Because Brubaker is kicking so much damn ass on that title!!

Squadron Supreme #1. This is interesting. Marvel has tried to breath new life into this team several times with not much success. Can Marvel’s version of the JLA finally develop from a cheap parody of DC’s premiere team into an interesting team with their own identity? We shall see.

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  1. Hurry up and review Legion 🙂 I can’t wait to comment on the review, oh fearless leader 🙂

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